🔴 22 April 2022 | Live Trading Today in Nifty 50 & Bank Nifty | Options Trading Live | Hindi

🔴 22 April 2022 | Live Trading Today in Nifty 50 & Bank Nifty | Options Trading Live | Hindi

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Watch our Live Trading Analysis in Nifty 50 & Bank Nifty. At Trade Bull, we try to give our best opinion on Live Market. We believe in Price Action Trading and always recommend to Trade with the Trend.

Welcome to The Trade Bull (Official) Family. I am Varun Sharma aka “The Trade Bull” and my channel is in constant endeavor to make traders learn something new in stock market.

Our live stream content is spoke in both hindi and english so the audience can take benefit of it.

Trade Bull Official Channel lets you learn trading strategies, Nifty 50 & BankNifty Analysis, Intraday trading techniques for Nifty and Banknifty, Options Trading, Risk Management techniques and other essential things related to trading in the share market.

In this live stream, we will analyze the stock market in real-time, which is helpful for intraday traders as well as short-term traders. All observations are made based on technical indicators.

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You can also ask your queries and my suggestion in the comment section on any specific Stock. I will try my best to reply to you with the best possible scenario.

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Disclaimer: Opinions given in the live streaming are for educational purposes only. I’ll not be liable for any of your financial gain/loss. Please trade as per your own risk tolerance.

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