(1/30) Excel VBA Absolute Beginner Course (30 For 30)

(1/30) Excel VBA Absolute Beginner Course (30 For 30)

This course, delivered live and interactive, is aimed at absolute beginners in Excel VBA. Building from the basics, we will explore the power of Excel VBA and appreciate the transformational effect it can have on people’s work. I will show you the techniques I use to deliver massive value for my clients in the real-world context using Excel VBA, and give you demonstrations to get you using at least some of them.

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Yes, I cannot make you a computer programmer in 15 hours but I can help you appreciate the possibilities and equip you with the basic tools and concepts. Welcome to the 30 for 30 Excel VBA Absolute Beginner Course!

In part 1, we will look at how to set up your computer for Excel VBA and create your first custom-coded Excel macro. Yes, you’re now a computer programmer!
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Excel VBA Beginner Tutorial

23 Replies to “(1/30) Excel VBA Absolute Beginner Course (30 For 30)”

  1. Thank you very, very much for the perfect videos! You are/have been absolutely perfect-impeccably flawless/immaculate to the very highest degree! I am already a perfect master of VBA-may be there can be more improvement? My point without YOU, my success in VBA would NOT have been possible!

  2. Wow great to revisit these again. Those dark times we were in when no-one quite knew what was going to happen next. I learnt so much from these during that first terrifying lockdown. Thanks again.

  3. Love the video everything was going so well but I keep getting an error
    Compile error:
    Expected: Base or Compare or Explicit or Private
    It won't let me get past that to type the sub. Any help would be helpful.

  4. After the syntax message you input a space then used commas. I can't understand how VBA works. Is there any way i can understand where should I use space, commas and dots in VBA etc.

  5. It's really useful that you include some challenges. It would be amazing to create a whole course with only real world challenges (30 days for 30 real world vba challenges), real case studies for people to solve, share solutions and analyse code. In my view that would be the ultimate learning experience.

  6. I believe you can set for the Option Explicit to appear always instead of typing it everytime you start a new module. Tools -> Options -> tick Require Variable Declaration. Learnt this from another YouTube tutorial i found. I am already on 5/30 and i want to say thank you for doing this. This really helps me a lot in understanding vba.

  7. just seeing this today and am very keen to learn vba. I will start following through. Thanks hey, great stuff especially for us who are beginners.

  8. Thank goodness for this series. Haven't done VBA and over a year, and when I did it, we literally moved to python as fast as possible. Looking forward to writing some macros to help my sister format her reporting for work.

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