1000-lb Sisters Season 3 Episode 9 Smoky Mountain Meltdown (Jan 10,2022) Full Episode HD

1000-lb Sisters Season 3 Episode 9 Smoky Mountain Meltdown (Jan 10,2022) Full Episode HD

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40 Replies to “1000-lb Sisters Season 3 Episode 9 Smoky Mountain Meltdown (Jan 10,2022) Full Episode HD”

  1. What diet did she sabotage clearly she’s not a diet she just wants people to think she’s on a diet . The only diet that she’s on is a seafood diet because she eats everything she sees around her and more probably I mean I was feeling sorry for Tammy but I do you see the real story it’s not going to end well but she can’t blame nobody but herself because everybody besides her family has been rooting for her to succeed and she don’t care so what else can you do I bet she’s just hoping he’ll do the operation anyway.

  2. “Tantrum Tammy “ at it again and wins every time. If it was me I would have put the child locks on shut the door and left her. Yet again their enabling her behaviour. Amy I feel is eating her stress away and to be honest can you blame her. She hates her home she has drama with Tammy and she’s a 1st time parent who wants nothing more than to build a home for her family. Eventually if she isn’t careful this will become one of the stresses.

  3. Just think we lost Bob saget yesterday who tried being healthy but we have this girl right here who doesn't want to f**** lose weight and is going to die soon why do you got why is God take The good people who want to succeed in life Tammy I hope you change but right now the way you're showing stuff you never got to change You blame everyone for your actions You don't take responsibility for your actions You think you can do stuff yourself which you can't You can't even wipe your own ass so I'm sorry but truth hurts as my opinion we lost a good actor who tried to be healthy versus someone who didn't f**** want to be healthy

  4. Do you wanna stay at the cabin- no
    Do you wanna get a photo shoot- no
    Do you wanna go to a restaurant where there's fattening food and bad for your health- fuck yeah give me the fatness

  5. Tammy's going to die sorry to say that cuz she don't care she's so mean That's why she's on life support now God doesn't like ugly she treat everybody bad like it's their fault that she's overweight in my opinion she don't care she gave up

  6. Shitting me! Tammy would of been in that car or got her tale up and walked inside.

    This why she do what she does… cause she knows they will eventually cave in. Amy gotta also stand her ground and tell them No!

  7. I can't help but think that the reason Tammy won't make an effort to lose weight is because she enjoys the attention being 600+ pounds brings her from her family and the world. Her family needs to stop doing ANYTHING for her, and then she'll HAVE to lose weight or else she'll die. I realize that seems cruel, but I had a family member who acted exactly like her. Though they weren't morbidly obese, they were disabled and felt that the entire world should bow down and worship them and feel sorry for them because they were disabled. In addition they felt that they should be able to treat people however they wanted because they were "in pain" or "weren't feeling well". While I am certainly not suggesting that we should neglect disabled people, there are some disabled people who have narcissistic tendencies and use their disability as an excuse to manipulate and abuse other people.

  8. Unless the contract said she had to be there, I wouldn't have invited Tammy in the first place. Put up a go pro and let her film from home cause you won't be calling me all kinds of names and you can't even stand up. No ma'am.

  9. Tammy is a big grown baby. If she didn't want to go to TN. Why did she get in the van, she knew where they were going, sorry she would have stayed right in that van. She's not going to loose the weight.

  10. Feels like they raised tammy to be that rude..i know shes old enough to think for herself but it seems like they have been letting tammy get her way everytime..they still help her even after all that..if i once talk rudely to my family after they helped me, believe me, they will leave me sleeping in the car or left at hotel witjout even getting a Rob to help lmao im glad i was raised with more discipline and tough love tho or else i might be like her

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