2022/2023 Ford Ranger revealed: Everything you need to know!

2022/2023 Ford Ranger revealed: Everything you need to know!

The time has finally arrived! The all-new 2022/2023 Ford Ranger has finally been revealed and we have ALL the information you need to know before Paul can finally get his hands on a new car to test.

Let us know if there’s anything specific you want to know about the new Ford Ranger. Keep an eye out for a video we will shoot with an actual car shortly after this goes live. You’ll see a card in the video, plus a link below when it’s live.

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Paul Maric:

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46 Replies to “2022/2023 Ford Ranger revealed: Everything you need to know!”

  1. Hey guys! Thanks for watching our video. A few of you have asked so I'll address it here – what about Everest? Our understanding is it'll be revealed late this year or early next year. Ranger Raptor will be announced Feb 2022 and the teaser they showed at tonight's reveal showed a petrol engine. Lastly, we just shot a video walkaround with an actual car, so that will go live shortly (or will be live already by the time you read this).

  2. Great review, as usual Paul – thank you. I'm very disappointed there's no V6 Petrol turbo, 3 or 3.5L. That's when they'll get MY money. These filthy, putrid black-muck-spewing diesels leave me dead cold.

  3. Why is it that there is not a big mention about Ford and VW rebadging each other’s UTEs? When it’s Mazda you sing non stop that it is based on a Isuzu.

  4. Love the F-150 light aesthetic. Won't have an as good resell value of days past with the ever increasing cost of petrol and the electrification of global vehicles. Buyer be warned

  5. "raptor is going to get a turbo charged V6" As in the diesel previously mentioned or a turbo V6 petrol ? because turbo petrol raptor would be very special. Almost like the trophy truck its marketed as.

  6. Trailer steering would be nice! [edit] actually it looks like it DOES have trailer steering. Take a look at 14:00 and there's the trailer reverse button in the middle (not "tow mode") then at the bottom of the dial it looks like the dial is used to steer the trailer! I REALLY hope that makes it into Australian models and it's stifled by some stupid ADR, or even cost cutting for the Australian market.

  7. Thanks Paul – I can already see the VW influences here with interior elements/infotainment, rear disc brakes improved tray capacity and VW V6 diesel engine – new rear steps is clever for us height- challenged retirees – this is going to make Toyota lift it’s complacent ‘brand’ game – the V6 is going to be very popular and if I was towing I would happily save $50k and buy a full time 4WD V6 Ranger than the new over-priced less practical Landcruiser – the Hilux and all others are going to have to include a V6 diesel and rear disc brakes to compete with Ford – John in SA

  8. I've never owned a Ford in my life but this has me seriously considering it.. if they make an Everest SUV version of this that would be epic to .. great video.

  9. Hmmm
    Little disappointed to be honest .
    I need a new vehicle, I love the interior , but the exterior design, not so much .
    I think I prefer the current model Wildtrak X

  10. Have to say this Ford is now on my Radar, still worried about jumping in bed with Ford but it seems to have taken that one thing the Triton had over the others. Constant 4×4 which i use in my triron in wet conditions. Can't imagin what its going to cost. The others have some catching up to do now.

  11. Great vid guys! Really good pics and content. I was worried Ford Australia would not go any better than the current design, but wow this is excellent both in design and features. Well done to the guys at Ford Australia! Thanks CarExpert for doing the promo better than Ford!

  12. Hi Paul, you have officially gotten the FORD EXPERT badge on the ranger. I was waiting to see this for months. I dont hear you mension the Everest. Get your contact to give you more 'intel' on the Everest please.

  13. I wonder how the Hilux will compete with the new Ranger having a V6 .I'm sure the ranger and the Amarok which is soon to be revealed will have the same V6 diesel engine and we might get the much more powerful version of this V6 in the raptor

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