21 Life Lessons I Learned in 2021

21 Life Lessons I Learned in 2021

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In this video I’ll be going over 21 life lessons and tips that stuck with me after 2021.

00:00 Intro
00:10 Die with Zero Book
01:26 Stay Scrappy from Sahil’s Minimalist Entrepreneur
02:50 Steven Bartlett’s Quitting Framework
04:04 The Gap and the Gain
04:51 The 37% Rule
06:31 Forget the Noun, Do the Verb
07:39 Optimise for the life you want to lead day-to-day
09:00 Delegation is hard but changes the game
10:05 Everyone has some level of career risk
11:36 Time = 112 chips
13:13 Embracing the suck
14:49 If you’re worried about your belly, stop ordering takeaway everyday
14:53 Infinite games over finite games
15:59 Separation of tasks
17:20 Be yourself when dating
19:15 Make sure you always have a kindle with you
19:58 Learning languages through audiobooks is fun & easy
21:15 What MrWhoseTheBoss Taught Me
22:52 Loving myself for who I am instead of what I do
24:20 Questioning assumptions and recognising how you feel about things
25:55 Embrace Life Long Learning!

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42 Replies to “21 Life Lessons I Learned in 2021”

  1. Many people will call me crazy and you will most likely not see this comment but i will write it anyway because you added a lot of value to my life and i genuinely wish you all the best, let me disagree with you in the phrase "we have only one life" i don't know what you're religious beliefs are or if this was a casual word or you truly believe in this but you seem to not take the whole religion thing too seriously or have not dug into it enough as i recall from one of your videos, i claim we actually have two lives, the one who created us the first time will resurrect us to be held accountable for our actions, we as humans can be pretty irrational at times, you yourself admitted how irrational you were regarding leaving medicine and the podcast you had at the school of greatness made you see through your own irrationality that was going on for so long, i claim you're being irrational in your answers to or ignoring to answer life's big questions, or thinking that everything in life has no ultimate meaning and had no starting cause and will just vanish in the end with no return if this is your school of thought, or that we were created for no purpose just for fun and we will not know what will happen in the afterlife or everybody will go to heaven regardless of anything, or that we're being punished here for someone else's mistake. Plus if you remove religion out of the equation every single value system on the planet falls apart and everything becomes relative, this is serious stuff and not something optional, if we don't worship God in our lives then everything else becomes meaningless, it's like a doctor who bought good flowers for the patient, called his friends to come see him, played his favourite show for him and got him the food he loved but didn't do his main job which is be responsible for his health, May be this is not the best example since you recently left medicine, sorry about that hahaha. I don't know if i could get my point across to you but i think you're being quite irrational in ignoring this and i think you should take it seriously NOW and make it a priority to answer these existential questions and not just try to silence them and keep to achieve the next goal because as you know that game never ends, may Allah guide you to Islam and I'm not a good or even knowledgeable Muslim but i think i know the basics alhamdulilah and will be very happy to hear further down the line that you started taking this seriously and if you're sincere Allah will guide you, genuinely from my heart wish you all the best Ali.

  2. Financial investment can be emotionally exhausting/frustrating in a case where inconsistency in trade wins is much. Positive results are guaranteed more if one works with a reliable professional. My most sincere take though!! Grateful to Jane Marie Kunak

  3. For the 20th lesson I think you need to look for the relationship from the other side from your side exactly and you choose who is your friend and if you have like fake friends you know always time will show, Most important thing is to have real friends.

  4. Accidentally access into your YouTube Channel yesterday without knowing you were a doctor, so yes it's not the key whether I will keep subscribing or not.

    And I think audiobooks does workable since I understand what you said on 20:46! Maybe I should do the same to learn a language as one of my bucket list this year.
    Maybe sometimes overthinking increasing the mental exhaustion? Go and eat some junk food! you looks tired in this video.

  5. Ali dude you got me with number 20. First of all I enjoy your content and I really appreciate your courage to be vulnerable. I am raising a kid and I see how my approval of her (new) ability to read, or her jokes, or her style of clothing etc. makes this connection in her mind that she is good and important and lovable for those things. I try to balance it with showing love for no reason. But it’s hard to know what the long term impact of anything you do or say as a parent will be. I don’t even know why I’m saying this to you. I guess I’m trying to say that we learn that we’re valuable for what we do from the most well meaning people in our lives sometimes. The one thing I remind myself and what I often say to my kid is that we were most dearly loved and cared for before we could do things. It helps me to connect with my intrinsic value. Anyway bye.

  6. Self love is a real thing and you might feel awkward talking about that but many people struggle with that and need others to tell them that they are worthy of love just for existing.. I feel like one of the reasons the boyband BTS is such massive right now bcz they hit that point & always kept that a part of their creativity and that hit the nerves of adults as well as older ppl.. As someone who recovered from mental health issues I feel like self love is a thing that's very important but we learn it late

  7. FWIW, I don't think you are less cool because you are no longer a doctor. In fact, I find it admirable that you worked hard and explored life enough to find something else you enjoy doing and moved on. All of us have to decide who we want to be and what major we want to pursue at college in our late 10s without even knowing who we are and what the real world is like. Some people like what they chose, some people don't and choose to stay, and some explore something else and pivot. And pivoting is hard and takes courage, and you did it rather than staying as doctor you no longer felt passionate for. So kudos to you!

  8. What a phenomenal video, there's more value and information here than I can even process. Your journey is pretty amazing. Gosh these videos feel like all these little men in my brain processing my thinking, just you've verbalized. Great video, keep it up

  9. I really love your content, videos and style. May i kindly suggest you stop using “sick” to qualify a book as good/interesting. It is an unnecessary americanism for teenagers and it does not suit the good content. Please.

  10. The fact that you recommend books that aren't mainstream is the reason I look forward to your videos on the subject. Not only do I find great book recommendations, but I also catch a break from 'The Psychology of Money' and 'Atomic Habits' recommendations. Thanks Ali!

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