5 Things We LEARNED From Arsenal 2-1 Leeds United! | Tactics & Analysis!

5 Things We LEARNED From Arsenal 2-1 Leeds United! | Tactics & Analysis!

5 Things We LEARNED From Arsenal 2-1 Leeds United! | Tactics & Analysis!

#Arsenal #LeedsUnited #EddieNketiah

In the latest Arsenal news today I discuss Arsenal 2-1 Leeds United goals & highlights! I also talk about Nketiah goal & Arteta tactical analysis! What other Arsenal news 2022 should I discuss!

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45 Replies to “5 Things We LEARNED From Arsenal 2-1 Leeds United! | Tactics & Analysis!”

  1. Playing Tomiyasu on the left was definitely a smart move. Arteta's tactics is improving. It'll be a much harder game against Tottenham. We might see Cedric and Tomiyasu swapping sides as Son is more dangerous than Kulusevski.

  2. As much as I’m loving Eddie, it’s time, he’s good but is he that LEVEL to bring us back to champions league contenders… I don’t think so

  3. All the pressure is on Spurs to win that game on Thursday. Yes, I'm sure we'll be a little bit nervous, but all we need to do is relax, concentrate , and play our game. Who would of thought after our first three games, we'd be on the cusp of a CL place. It's been a crazy season and everyone connected with the club deserves huge credit, for taking the club onwards and upwards.👏🏾👏🏾🔴⚪

  4. Arsenal have the potential to win 🏆 👏 🙌 💪 🙏 😤 on Thursday and secure 3 😁 🙏 🙌 😀 points God willing. We have to pray for Arsenal to win 🏆. Arsenal rocks 🙏 🤲 🕍 🕌 ⛪️ 🪨.

  5. I think we might need to bring someone who's gonna come in and help these boys, our attackers with their finishing… We can't always be playing games where we have 20 shots or more of which 10 shots are on target for us to score a goal or two… We were able to bring someone to work on setpieces why can't we do the same with finishing, coz clearly it is a problem and our attackers are still young

  6. It seems Arsenal players love to put fans under pressure n tension otherwise I see no reason you are playing against ten n allow them to press you towards the end such that they would have equalised

  7. Against Spurs on Thursday if Ben is fit, then it should be Ben(RB), Holding(CB), Gabriel (CB), Tomi (LB).
    However if Ben isn't fit… Tomi should play the LB

  8. Let's be honest anything but 3 points against Leeds was out of the question. Bhavvs all I heard you talk about was the individual performances of players, and yes a few of them were but not once after 10 mins and the second goal did I see a team worthy of CL. I don't care if they are young they are professionals and taking care of business is priority. The team was horrendous. The game should've been over before half-time. We got the win but for me that was the worst performance this season.

  9. Let’s not get hyped…Leeds have been crap this season and they took it to us with 10 men to the death…we got the 3 point which I’m glad for 👍🏾

  10. my guy great video and all but dont you check the mirror before sitting infront of the camera? 😀 you have someting in your nose bro 😀 😀 😀

  11. Arteta's team selection was brilliant; Raphinha would have overwhelmed Tavares. Good victory. Hope we can beat Spurs this Thursday

  12. I agree with Ray Parlour on Nketiah. If we let him go it may come back to bite us, similar to Gnabry. I always wondered why Wenger didn't play Serge regularly, and he ended up being a fantastic player. I wonder if the disappointment in his limited starts prevented Nketiah from working hard in training and that was why he didn't start, or if he didn't show enough to warrant sacrificing the maturity that Laca brings to the starting 11. Either way, I'm glad he has sacked up and showed the club what he's capable of

  13. We should play 5 back in Spur game with Tomiyasu back to right hand side man marking Son and Holding man mark Kane, cedric as left back

  14. Elneny was class today, we’re not missing Partey that much with him playing like this. He’s got great positional sense and is a good reader and tackler of the game, he’s a perfect backup CDM. He needs to stay.

  15. Martinelli is incredible at dribbling and making runs, but his shooting lets him down, similar to Saka last season. If Martinelli polishes his finishing our attack will be even more deadly.

  16. Nketiah is doing great to get a bump new contract on Germany or PL team he must leave.
    & we need :
    1 .- World class Center foward (Improve Eddie n Laca )
    2. – Central midfielders ( Improve Elneny , Xhaka and put some pressure over Partey) + Marcelo Flores.
    3.- RB backup (young prospect n give a chance to Lino or Norton-Cuffy , Cedric must go).
    4. LB back up (Tierney is not reliable for a long season and Tabares is not ready).

  17. Nketiah has always been an amazing fox in the box in years. But there were quite a lot of things that held him back. He was once too hungry for goals which made him a bit selfish and cocky, he once lacked of motivation, he was once had no game time. But now he's older, more professional, and most of all, consistent game time. More goals will come for him I'm sure

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