6 Tips for Beginners Learning Russian

6 Tips for Beginners Learning Russian

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20 Replies to “6 Tips for Beginners Learning Russian”

  1. Actually I think that you should learn cases as you learn vocabulary because it will help you understand better. When you were a young child I am pretty sure your parents would speak to you using cases. Well that is the same thing here.

  2. I just started learning Russian not too long ago. idk how or where to find a “language buddy” or whatever, but the only thing I’ve been able to think of is using tinder and putting my location to Moscow. I tried doing guys and girls, but the guys didn’t want that when I told them I was straight 😂 the women however, I just haven’t been able to find any that know English well enough. 🤦🏻‍♂️😫 I’m also learning Spanish, I’m light years ahead in Spanish compared to Russian. But I live in Texas, plenty of Spanish speaking people to talk to.

  3. And by vocabulary, I'm sure you mean especially the verbs. My Russian teacher said, "Oh, verbs are easy. There are only three tenses for ANY Russian verb." Sounded great…until she told us about perfective and imperfective verbs…and that you sound like an idiot if you use the wrong one.

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