A COMPANION. 2 Episode. Russian TV Series. StarMedia. Melodrama. English Subtitles

A COMPANION. 2 Episode. Russian TV Series. StarMedia. Melodrama. English Subtitles

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Format: TV series
Genre: melodrama
Year: 2019
Number of episodes: 4
Directors: Eva Strelnikova
Scenario: Elena Balandina, Leila Ermolaeva
Operator: Sergey Sokolovskiy
Producer: Vladyslav Riashyn
Cast: Valeriy Pankov, Viktoria Litvinenko, Dmitriy Sova, Ekaterina Varchenko, Elizaveta Kozlova, Sergey Sterl’nikov

Lisa, a pretty young photographer meets Oleg Orlov at an exhibition. They begin a conversation in which he tells Lisa about his sick young daughter, Sasha. Lisa is sympathetic and agrees to become a companion for the girl. Gradually, she manages to make friends with Sasha who begins to remind Lisa of her deceased younger sister.

Lisa learns that Sasha has regular nightmares which involve ‘visits’ from her late mother calling the girl to go with her. Sasha starts having premonitions of death, but neither her father nor her stepmother, Kristina, attach any importance to the girl’s visions, until one night, Liza herself faces the “ghost” in the Orlovs’ house. Now she has to find out who is terrifying Sasha and what kind of danger the girl is in.

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