A Pure Woman ⭐ Learn English Through Story level 6

A Pure Woman ⭐ Learn English Through Story level 6

This is a novel by Thomas Hardy, first published in 1891. The main character of the novel is Tess Durbeyfield, a Pure, attractive, and innocent Woman. After her impoverished family learns of its noble lineage, she is sent by her slothful father and ignorant mother to make an appeal to a nearby wealthy family who bears the ancestral name d’Urberville. Tess is seduced by dissolute Alec d’Urberville and secretly bears a child, Sorrow, who dies in infancy. Later working as a dairymaid, she meets and marries Angel Clare, an idealistic gentleman who rejects Tess after learning of her past on their wedding night. Emotionally bereft and financially impoverished, Tess is trapped by necessity into giving in once again to d’Urberville, but she murders him when Angel returns.

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