Ala Sujatha Dariki Cherina Subramanyam | Episode – 1 | Soniya Singh | Pavan Sidhu | Infinitum Media

Ala Sujatha Dariki Cherina Subramanyam | Episode – 1 | Soniya Singh | Pavan Sidhu | Infinitum Media

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Get ready to witness the essence of Subramanyam h/o Sujatha

“Ala Sujatha Dariki Cherina Subramanyam” is a Telugu Romcom Web Series featuring Soniya Singh & Pavan Sidhu as leads.

Special Thanks :
M Venkatesh Reddy(Boddavara RailwayStation Manager)

Thanks To:
Savithri (Shop)
Kishore (house)
Thatipudi villager’s

Costume Designer: fasshion fairy

Pavan Sidhu, Soniya Singh, Ajay, Vedavathi Peddolla, Dhana Balla, Nikhil Lakshman, K siva Prasad, PRK Rao

Written & Directed by: Sunny Sanjay

DOP: Seshu Raj Daddala

Sujatha-Subramanyam title song
Music: Chandra Sekar & Ravi Cherukuri
Singers: Lavanya Latha, Manju, Chandra sekar
Flute: Poornima Krishna Emani
Mix and mastering: Ravi Cherukuri

Editing & DI: Kumba Shiva Kumar

Title Animation: Pavan Kumar konte

Publicity Designer: Nikhil Chotu

Co-Director : Shanmukh.D

Line producer: Anish Reddy, Mohan, Pavan

Executive Producer: Chandu JC

Creative Producer: Sathwik G Roy

Producer: Vandana Bandaru

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