34 Replies to “Amphibia Season 3 Episode 28 + 29”

  1. And yet again, like in any cartoon, the military is nowhere to be seen even though I'm actually sure that the US military alone would take care of such a relatively small force. Not to mention with the help of the air force and possibly the navy.

  2. The main objective for the villains is literally King Andreas’s Dad telling him to do his one job and he’s going make sure he does it right. (And also yeah know murder another 13 year old child but, details 🙂 heh)

  3. 10:47 power of friendship. This movie was inspired by My little pony friendship is magic. Speaking of MLP the title of the episode beginning of the end is the same title as season 9 premiere beginning of the end. You should watch My little pony friendship is magic. And I’m not just talking about the episodes, I’m also talking about the movies, spin offs, shorts and specials on Hulu. On Netflix you can watch The movie My little pony a new generation and the incoming projects My little pony make your mark special and My little pony make your mark series.🦄❤️

  4. I wasn't quite ready for Darcy's simple, "Okay, they're all captured, now to kill Anne." It's rare when a cartoon villain is just willing to cut to the chase so soon. Darcy may have some quirks, but she's practical as a villain.

  5. Sasha: Oh my gosh, Anne this is a total disaster! 6:38
    Anne: They're fine, they're just blowing off steam, I mean at less they don't have their weapons!
    Toad: Did somebody say "weapons"?
    Me: Dang it, Anne ,why would you say that?

  6. The Grubhog with the buzzard, Yunan and Olivia, Bog, Fens and Mire, Bella the Bellhop, and the Moss Man all came back. What happened to Braddock and Percy?

  7. I hope Andrias betrays the Core to help Anne and Sasha. Andrias has good in him he was a very happy guy until his mentaly abusive father got to him and I do not see Anne Sasha and Marcys frendship lasting

  8. The moment when Anne full power stop the three Army's is a reference to Avatar : The legend of Korra. Is the same scene that Korra can see in the Flashback of the first Avatar.

  9. Guys when Darcy said Shut up to Andrias, he looked mad, and when he started to open the portal, he looked like if he didn't was to do it, so he can be redeem.

  10. Hey I like haven’t caught up to this season I’m just watching this because hey it’s out but why are the people revolting exactly?

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