Arsenal 2-1 Leeds | We'll Be Top 4 Come Newcastle! (Turkish)

Arsenal 2-1 Leeds | We'll Be Top 4 Come Newcastle! (Turkish)

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Arsenal 2-1 Leeds | We’ll Be Top 4 Come Newcastle! (Turkish)

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20 Replies to “Arsenal 2-1 Leeds | We'll Be Top 4 Come Newcastle! (Turkish)”

  1. If we get top 4 we have to BUY 4 solid players st, cm/cdm, gk and lwb/rwb otherwise 8th is right around the corner. All the good teams have 2 options in most positions we have to become that

  2. Playing Tomy in the left maybe the daring and clever things Arteta did for filling Tierney injury, Tavares need more clinical with the ball not only speed and progression.

  3. Stay humble until the business is handled, and handle your business.
    Then enjoy, then repeat. They can do it Thursday! It's happening

  4. Who else doesn't feel right or we're not ready for the Champions League next season seeing how we getting our results nowadays?

    The fact we're top 4 bcos the rest of the others are performing worse. And not forgetting how Arteta say congestion of fixtures this season 🥲

  5. Spurs kinda threw it away too, they had that 3 vs the keeper 8 yards out in the 95th minute on Anfield and instead of attacking the goal, they assaulted eachother!🤣🤣

  6. Hey Robbie i saw u in the crowd today i think! You were in like the 8th row in a red top.
    If you watch you can see him about 70 mins in on bt showing of game.

  7. I have a question for all GOONERS. Which one of these 2 players would you choose to join the mighty Gunners this summer :
    1. JESUS.

  8. This dude can whine. Must be telling the wife, why is the sandwich 🥪 1cm shorter or longer.

    You have got a young team. Definitely there would be inconsistencies. We put Chelsea & man united to bed shows you there is something growing in this team.

    Just enjoy the win, & 3 points. Don’t be gloomy always!!

  9. Im nervous for the last 3 games. Newcastle is tough and Everton have a good record against us. S**rs game i dont know 🙈🙈🙈 too hard to call.

  10. Am not so confident at all, I think we lose to both Spurs and Newcastle. We would need help from Leicester which I don’t think they would be able to help anyways. We are sounding to optimistic

  11. If spurs win Thursday which let's be real is a big possibility then I think arsenal will miss out. Newcastle and Everton will cause big issues. Almost drew today to an awful team with 10 men

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