Arsenal CONTACT Paulo Dybala For FREE Transfer! | Thomas Partey Update From Mikel Arteta!

Arsenal CONTACT Paulo Dybala For FREE Transfer! | Thomas Partey Update From Mikel Arteta!

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Arsenal CONTACT Paulo Dybala For FREE Transfer! | Thomas Partey Update From Mikel Arteta!

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In the latest Arsenal news today I discuss Paulo Dybala free transfer to Arsenal! I also talk about Thomas Partey Arsenal team news as well as all other Arsenal signings! What other Arsenal news 2022 should discuss!

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50 Replies to “Arsenal CONTACT Paulo Dybala For FREE Transfer! | Thomas Partey Update From Mikel Arteta!”

  1. Ppl talking like saliba is gonna get in our defence. Hes been ok in ligue un nothing more against weak opposition. Even French journalists saying hes hit and miss and that's in a weaker league.

  2. This football club needs to be serious for once and stop this cheapness. Arteta came up and said that arsenal can't match the spending power of Liverpool and city in order to challenge for major trophies. Arteta should be wise at this time and don't allow arsenal board to use him like they did to Wenger all those years. If only they will sit and tell him that they don't have money to match their rivals, then of course arsenal fans should have noting to be excited for in the next four to five seasons to come. It's clear that we can't match our rivals without getting in quality players; kloop and Pep are both great coaches, but still demanded their respective clubs to get the quality players they wanted in order to get them where they are today. No matter how good a coach is, if he doesn't have the right players to work with, he wouldn't succeed. Wenger can relate spending 22 unbroken years at a single club and couldn't win the most prestigious trophy in Europe "CL" is a failure on his part. Many don't see it that way, but it's the fact and arsenal board got Wenger into such awful record . Jose. M spent less times at few clubs and won the CL, Pep has done it, kloop has done it. Aretata needs to be wise and push those stingy guys to do the needed, or threaten to quit that's if he wants to succeed as a coach for arsenal.

  3. Neves at 100mill….No chance. I really hope Jesus signs as I think he's a perfect fit for any side in the PL. As for Dybala, I'd rather we go after Nunez or one of the other striker targets.

  4. Why not Bellerin as backup RB,also he is 27 whereas Cedric is approaching 31🤔 is there any one better than him/Cedric for <10m?? though he is not great i think he is better than Cedric in my opinion

  5. It’s a good time to be refreshing out strikers and front line, let’s hope we get CL football to attract the right types of talent we need.

    I’d like, Jesus, Nunez, Ruiz from Napoli

  6. It makes more sense to me if we were to simply retain Cedric Soares and promote Brooke Norton-Cuffy to the first team squad to compete with him for the rotational games in the League and F.A Cups as well as odd appearance in the Champions League group games depending on the situation/opposition and following Premier League game, at the cost of £0.

    Maybe I'm placing too much emphasis on the positive aspects of what the Portuguese can provide us with as opposed to transfixing all focus on the weaker elements of his game, but that's why I believe managers tend to have more respect and appreciation for the likes of a Milner, Elneny and now Fernandinho over the likes of a Neymar, Fernandez or Ronaldo.

  7. Great contents Bhavvs as always but as a black man in America I have to stop watching your videos while driving. Those sirens are the end always gets me 😃

  8. I want us to sign haaland..fuck everything else. We should be doing everything we can to convince haaland to come to arsenal to tip the balance of the premier league in our favour.

  9. I disagree on Cedric. I think he has been a great back-up and I don't think it's priority to go out rn and splash the cash on a younger full-back, especially because we have seen this season that if our two starting full-backs get injured it better to have an experienced one like Cedric rather than a Tavares type player who needs protection and consideration from the system.

  10. Every one of ur videos are class I found ur channel 1 month ago and I look 👀 forward to every single video you make!!! Keep on grinding to 100k 🙂

  11. We aren't signing Dybala, we just got rid of 2 players at 350K, we aren't gonna give someone those wages anytime soon. We have bigger positions to spend that money on to upgrade this team

  12. i think jesus would be a great signing for a starting striker and i think dybala would be a good rotation/starter and for start for european football and keep eddie for fa and micky mouse cup when have we had two world class strikers before

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