ARSENAL! EVERTON! ANCELOTTI! | One-2-One with Simon Jordan

ARSENAL! EVERTON! ANCELOTTI! | One-2-One with Simon Jordan

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46 Replies to “ARSENAL! EVERTON! ANCELOTTI! | One-2-One with Simon Jordan”

  1. Liverpool Foul 11.3 times per game with 1.2 yellows Per Game no red cards no penalties. Villareal averages less at 8.8 Fouls per game yet averages 2 Yellow cards (which is double) per game and have had a red card, so this stat tells me Liverpool does not get penalized as does Villareal, we will see this in tonight's game I am sure!

  2. Simon would like to hear your thoughts on Jurgen Klopp new contract what would that mean for club going forward as I believe next phase of squad is coming this summer.

  3. Question:
    With respect to player wages, most can agree they’re getting obscene.. but if they’re capped in relation to turnover, then the big boys keep winning anyway. And, if capping means the players don’t get the TV dosh, who does?

  4. Question for Simon:

    Cristiano definitely has to go down as the 🐐. High level professional football should be based on consistency and efficiency in the biggest of stages and moments, don’t you think?

  5. You speak of middle east ownership of Man City in derogatory terms and make wild asserting of their motives, but do not ascribe such "characterizations" to American or European ownership. It sounds like a form of Animal farm discriminatory outlook. American-European good, middle east bad. Yet of all the foreign owners in England, none have had the level of beneficial impact not just on the club but also on the Eastern Manchester community as the City owners. There is no case of significant human rights abuses again the Abu Dhabi royalty.

  6. Do you think this has been one of the most interesting premier league seasons ever as there is a fight for every section of the table?

  7. Hey Simon. Brilliant show as ever!

    Question for you: if Arsenal do not finish in the top 4 this season, will they have underachieved, especially considering the form of the other clubs fighting for 4th spot?

  8. What do you make of Forest's run this season. If they don't get promoted can the squad be kept together with added pieces for another run next year

  9. Question for Simon – If Lampard gets Everton relegated, is that it for his managerial career in the Premier League? Or is he still good enough to manage in the top tier?

  10. Mr Jordan I love your shows you speak sense .. but the thing about referees is wrong as Paul tierney FROM MANCHESTER failed to give Everton fc a last kick penalty v man city .. this decision although not the main reason has seriously altered the run in , because no penalty is a guaranteed goal but city could be a point behind liverpool .. remember Jeff winter COULDNT ref Newcastle as he was from that area ..

  11. Wow half a decade away from challenging for the league! You’ve gone lost your mind sir. I tell you now that the dominance of man c and liv will not be the same next season. Member I told you

  12. Just want to say that you're summing up of Everton is spot on. So, so difficult when owners with no real 'football brain' make decisions about a football club.

  13. Question for Simon Jordan: As a former owner what do you make of Alonso and how long do you recon it would take for Derby to get back to challenging for the Premier League.

  14. Simon’s spot on about Everton if it’s based on owners we deserve to go down. If it’s based on fans and the way they’ve traditionally played it’s Burnley all day, White lives matter banners and the cynical way they waste time from the first minute of games. Leeds have been great for the league

  15. Is Ancelotti’s greatest ever managerial achievement somehow miraculously getting this atrocious Everton squad to 10th and one match away from European qualification??????

  16. Referees have too much power. It was the same with baseball in the US where refs will have a different strike zone for each game (and sometimes for different players) just because they feel like it. Now that machine plays a bigger role, the games are much more fair and no one complains about the refs anymore. nothing good comes out of a situation where one has too much power.

  17. You and Mino had a couple big rows and I was really disappointed TalkSport didnt at least mention it. Hes a human being too, what do you think his legacy will be in football?

  18. People just keep on under estimating Arsenal and that's fine. If they get 4th this season they can really kick on. I don't see United and Chelsea being strong next season so they have a real chance to stablise top 4. Then you'll expect a challenge in 2-3 seasons. To dismiss it really ignores just what is going on there

  19. #TalkSPORT Simon, during the Summer how does Howe move #NUFC into a mid table / European challenger, and out of all the signings made so far who will make the most impact in your eyes for the whole club…Dan Ashworth? Or a single player like Trippier…?

  20. Question for Simon – with Aston Villa's diabolical run of form after Steven Gerrard's initial good spell, do you worry about Villa being in a relegation fight next year?

  21. Simon. Parachute payments, what's the point of them? Fulham and Norwich use this cash to invest, once they've been relegated. Gain promotion, then get relegated due to non investment. Cycle resumes…Groundhog Day!

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