Arsenal Fans Watch Party In Lagos! | AFTV Nigeria Tour

Arsenal Fans Watch Party In Lagos! | AFTV Nigeria Tour

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25 Replies to “Arsenal Fans Watch Party In Lagos! | AFTV Nigeria Tour”

  1. I hope the Arsenal board are watching these clips 👀 – passionate fans from Nigeria. Kroenke's watch out! Otherwise Dangote gonna come for our club and give us the support on the pitch we deserve!

  2. Footage from this tour has been amazing. Loved seeing the passion from the fans in Nigeria, I know the relationship with the club hasnt always been great with you guys but I really think the club should get on board in some capacity especially with trips like this that highlights our global fan base

  3. 5:28, the sweats, the shakes, he is so nervous it's unreal. I wish I could tell him we'll win 2-1.. This is what being an Arsenal fan does to you..😆😂😂😂

  4. This is the real definition of LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP. It shows just shows you a bit of how it really is in Nigeria for the EPL. I can tell you from experience it's always like this. We love Arsenal and are as passionate and attached and as those fortunate to live close to our home ground.

  5. Vibes! this whole mini series has been grade A content. Props to all for putting it together. Now you need to find the London-based Kenya, Ghana, Zim etc. equivalents of Kolechi. I'd love to see a Windies tour as well.

  6. Wow! No lions and tigers! No village children with crying sick kids. No forests and semi naked women!

    They lied to me about AFRICA.

  7. How many people notice how cool kelechi is since coming down to home land,, bcos he know that people that are more crazy than him dey

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