Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta and Women's boss Jonas Eidevall sign new contracts

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta and Women's boss Jonas Eidevall sign new contracts

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Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has signed a new contract until 2025 while Women’s team boss Jonas Eidevall will stay until the end of the 23/24 campaign.

Arteta said: “I’m excited, grateful and really, really happy today. When I spoke to Josh he could see the club at the same point and he wanted to take the club the way I wanted to do it. So everything that he’s said, and that Stan has said when I’ve been together with both of them, they’ve always delivered.

“We want to take the club to the next level and to compete really with the top teams. In order to do that, we have to be playing in the Champions League. We have to be able to evolve the team, improve our players, improve all departments, generate even more connection with our fans, improve the atmosphere at the Emirates, be able to recruit top, top talent and the best people for this club to drive this project to that level.”

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33 Replies to “Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta and Women's boss Jonas Eidevall sign new contracts”

  1. this man tried to ruin auba's career, and his contract was extended?? lmao which means 4 more seasons of not qualifying for champions league for arse anals

  2. Well deserved. Love watching these "social media fans" crying down here. Bunch of nobodies who haven't even been to an Arsenal game once and they think their opinion matters🤣🤣

  3. Even if Arteta gets us top 4 it’s a false hope ppl. Struggling to get top 4 with 1 game a week for 99% of the season. Please afc fans wake up with CL or EL x more games we’re going back to 7/8th position UNLESS we get 4/5 players this summer (won’t happen). Just facts scare you lot

  4. “He has done really good job”, What he has done: Arsenal completed 8th last season , this season , he probably finished 4-5 th place, one reason Arsenal played almost 15 game less than Westham, United and may 10 games then Tottenham.
    End of day , Fun will pay highest money for tickets.
    Hope, I will be wrong,
    Good luck

  5. Why they use Lianne Sanderson as a person to commentate is crazy as she’s terrible ! Also she’s a man united fan !!there are far better men and women out there !!! Why can’t they get Laura wood from talk sport she’s great and she loves arsenal !!

  6. Arteta has only had the league to worry about and is still struggling to even get top 4. Guy is a complete fraud. Newcastle will be above Arsenal next season. How their standards have fallen.

  7. Sadly Arteta is not the man to get us competing for the title. I expect another average season next year. A poor January window is potentially going to cost us the top 4 and that falls on him

  8. Mikel wasn't getting away with it, he got it from media and fans both but took the pressure well and always managed to steer the boat despite injuries and other issues.

  9. It's easy for people to forget he's only 40 years old and his 1st management job (after being assistant at City)

    He deserves more time and respect it's only his 2nd full season in charge !

    Then,the Kronkes must help him buy some world class players to help out the youngsters in the squad and then you'll have a team that will start challenging for success in the long-term!

  10. The womens boss manager is a lucky guy
    He gets to bang the worst players in the dressing room
    Poor arteta only getting C”s for his hustle

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