Arsenal show their bottle, celebration police farce, Tomiyasu, Saka & White latest, Saliba comments

Arsenal show their bottle, celebration police farce, Tomiyasu, Saka & White latest, Saliba comments

I discuss the latest Arsenal news, looking back on the 1-0 win against West Ham in the Premier League. I give my thoughts on the performance and some of the reaction to it, including yet more comments about the way Arsenal celebrated the win. I also give the latest on the injury worries over Ben White, Bukayo Saka and Takehiro Tomiyasu. I end by discussing comments made by William Saliba about his future.

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48 Replies to “Arsenal show their bottle, celebration police farce, Tomiyasu, Saka & White latest, Saliba comments”

  1. Well said about Sutton Charles. As a BBC licence fee payer I can't be alone in objecting to that objectionable twat nicking a living and my hard-earned paying for him!

  2. Spurs lose all their games, and end up in conference league, while arsenal get into champions League. Kane salty tears and tries to move to Newcastle, with his brother tweeting, "anywhere is better than this shit team." Oh yeah, and Haaland decides to sign for Arsenal

  3. I don't get the celebration police at all but yesterdays open top bus parade on Holloway Road to celebrate 3 points at West Ham you have to admit Charles is taking the piss.

  4. Chris Sutton’s missus is glad to get him out of the house on a Saturday… he’s one miserable and depressing bugger. And – as us older fans will remember – he cheated at Highbury and caused us to concede a goal that ultimately cost us European aspirations.

  5. Chris Sutton is just trying to remember what it felt like to be in a position where he could celebrate all his career he rode on the coat tails of better players and now some bright spark well BBC speaks for its self they have been stealing for shit TV for decade oh we can compare Chris Sutton to the BBC both used to be reasonable but now they are both sinking fast

  6. I've still got to question arteta on his timing of subs. Saka needed to come off earlier.
    Pepe frozen out for not reason. He even admitted he should of played eddie more, step up from what lacca was bringing to the team. I feel pepe hasn't had a chance to prove his worth

  7. Right now is all about result ,it doesn't matter how we play as long as we win .my hope now is to take a five point lead going into the North London Derby, that is we win against Leeds and Liverpool win against toteham so that we will just need a draw to qualify for the champions league .

  8. Let’s face it, Arsenal have a lot of fans but we also have a lot of hate. Most of those talkSPORT pundits do not like us and hate to see us doing well. I hope we keep celebrating as much as we can keep winning. Big Game on Sunday. Don’t worry about Spurs, let’s just concentrate on our remaining games.

  9. Hey Charles, what if Arsenal negotiated a contact extension with Saliba that sees him stay with Marseille for another season, which is alright given he's still only 21 with the long term goal of having him return to the Emirates for the 23/24 season. That way he gains maximum minutes and puts himself in the shop window for the national team which is ultimately why you'd think he wants to stay at Marseille – to make the World Cup squad and then once that's done he can slot back in with Arsenal. Mean time we can recall Daniel Ballard for next season to give us four centre backs. Thoughts?

  10. I'm a bit worried after the United and West Ham performance.

    Arteta's subs are very reactionary. I thought Tommy and Saka probably should of only played an hour.

    You could see the 2 of them gassing and he waits till there on the ground in pain with less than 10 to go to take them off.

    If we make so many loose passes and don't make the changes when needed against Leeds they'll punish us

  11. My biggest worry for the rest of the season is what Kulusevski does on that right flank of Tavares continues to defend like he does.

  12. Is it just me that think that Nketiah needs to learn to control much better as he is a striker, I think his control is very poor and needs work and his dribbling needs to be sharpened a bit..I like the work he does he needs to improve though and yes Arsenal should keep Rob Holding n Elneny they are both good squad players

  13. Arsenal are still 🔥 👌 👏 💯 🙌 😍 the favourite 😍 😀 👌 😄 🤣 🙄 to finish 4th God willing. God luck to the Gunners. Arsenal rocks 🙏 🤲 🕍 🕌 ⛪️ 🪨.

  14. Best to ignore clickbait Chris Sutton, just a washed up old has been pretending to be a broadcaster, whose reporting is as lazy as he was when he was playing. If you can't celebrate when you when win when are you supposed to do it? Arsenal need to work hard, stay humble and avoid complacency if they really want to finish in the top 4.

  15. Our manager got very lucky again….absolutely no goal threat from anywhere apart from set pieces……if we get CL good help us with this clown in charge..

  16. We are a big club, so these people just watch our every move. Celebration Police just out there looking for views and engagement from Arsenal haters. It is what it is, we just mind our business and win games. Beat them into submission. 😊

  17. A contract fro El-Mo but definitely not for Eddie and Laca.
    Eddie had no fewer than six better than 60% chances in front of goal and missed every one.
    And that is the very definition of worse than useless.

  18. I'm sorry but we're has holding been all these seasons wen we were rubbish. Good goal .Nice too see him throwing his body in the way but for me .hasn't done enough for me yet sorry. Eleney the same were have they been .it's contract time .I'm glad I'm not in charge of contracts .I'm just not sure yet .

  19. Charles, please stop responding to pointless comments about Arsenal's celebrations. I agree with you, but it's just not worth your time (or ours).

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