Arsenal Want Wijnaldum & Balogun Joins Boro! | AFTV Transfer Daily

Arsenal Want Wijnaldum & Balogun Joins Boro! | AFTV Transfer Daily

Arsenal Want Wijnaldum & Balogun Joins Boro! | AFTV Transfer Daily
Intro 00:00
Dusan Vlahovic 01:43
Folarin Balogun 03:25
Renato Sanches 05:00
Arthur Melo 05:46
Georginio Wijnaldum 06:55

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47 Replies to “Arsenal Want Wijnaldum & Balogun Joins Boro! | AFTV Transfer Daily”

  1. It's been a while I have agreed with Robbie on transfer targets, but I quite agree with Robbie on this one. WE SHOULD HAVE SIGNED WIJNALDUM ALREADY!!!

  2. I think this show will make more sense and of value if you only report nearly done deals rather than speculations and 'on the verge' deals. It's becoming really boring tbh…the loan deals fine we care more about in comings…

  3. I think forget Vlahovic. Everything about it has a foul odor to it. There surely are jewels out there waiting to be discovered. Wenger mastered that craft. Arteta did really well in summer. I would put some trust in Edu.
    Gini's age is an advantage, not a disadvantage!!!
    The loan deal for Balogun is brilliant and Patino should be the next for a loan deal (even a good league 1 team)

  4. I prefer Isak more than Vlahovic.
    Isak is quicker, a good finisher, taller, better dribbler. He would cost us less AND HE WANTS TO PLAY FOR ARSENAL, which is more important.

  5. You really like talking rubbish Robbie
    Vlahovich will never join Arsenal… he said that a few times…Wijnaldum played for psg last game and he said he wanna stay at psg to prove ..

  6. Typical, i expect every player in the world is going to be linked to Arsenal and let me guess, they will be life long fans of Arsenal… but either zero get signed or somebody does who then gets injured or does not live up to the hype.

  7. How can we attract players in January?
    We can’t even attract quality players in the summer.Arsenal have lost that attraction to many players. SHAME . Where did it all go wrong . WENGER OUT DAYS (maybe)

  8. i hope arsenal does get a better sub bench to be honset.

    eddie flooped in nottingham no point renewing his contract. same for cedric keep him to summer then drop and get a new bench rb.

    center midfielders is the the number area right now. its hard to not think why not, i really stopped caring to see about the striker either he wants to come or not.

    cant wait till william comes back so i dont need to see holding ever in the Centre back area . but arsenal really need depth in areas cause next season gonna lose a right back cdm striker.

    lets see how arsenal does business in summer and this window

  9. We should sign 2 midfielders. 1 experienced one on loan and a young one for long term. Experienced one for development of lokonga , patino , omar and young one to replace xhaka. I would like gini and danilo to come. (kessie if possible also because he has refused to renew contract and want 8m wages which we can easily give)

  10. Put the offer on the table to FiorentinA and if they don’t take it move on and sign someone else putting so much effort on one guy who’s not even proven in the prem is ridiculous

  11. Wijnaldum(loan)/ Guimares (if there's truth in the Juventus link of them trying to get him on loan with an option to buy at the end of the season we should be on the same deal but doubt Lyon will let him go on loan), Danilo, and Vlahovic whilst getting rid of some of the deadwood puts us in a good position of getting top 4. Get the business done asap why do we always wait till the last few days of the window.

  12. difficult to get a deal done when a player is on fire….ok…auba isnt on fire so that should be a piece of piss then…..if anyone wants him…….

  13. no good saying the squad is short v forest…..its a game we should have won hands down any day….but this arsenal still isnt….arsenal…..another throw away by arteta when we cant win the league, we may not finish top four….another throw away second year in a row by arteta….

  14. Wijnaldum would be decent signing he is experienced and knows the prem but what sort of wage would he want we have been here so many times before with players like aubameyang and ozil etc.

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