Arsenal's derby disaster, Arteta's anger, Conte's comments, Gabriel latest and Holding's red card

Arsenal's derby disaster, Arteta's anger, Conte's comments, Gabriel latest and Holding's red card

I discuss the latest Arsenal news, giving my thoughts on Arsnal’s 3-0 defeat at Tottenham in the north London derby. I look at the performance, what went wrong and what both Mikel Arteta and Antonio Conte had to say after the game. I also look at the injury suffered by Gabriel and the problems Arsenal now have in defence following Rob Holding’s red card.

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37 Replies to “Arsenal's derby disaster, Arteta's anger, Conte's comments, Gabriel latest and Holding's red card”

  1. Conte is trying to be a Yoda now when he was the cry baby a few months ago. Move on he's just trying to wind Arsenal n endear himself to that club at our cost. Pretty pathetic on his part

  2. Thank you Charles for the good advice 🙏 👍 😊 🙌 😀 👏. We have to pray Arsenal win 🏆 🙏 😀 👏 🙌 👍 on Monday. Arsenal rocks 🙏 🤲 🕍 🕌 ⛪️ 🪨.

  3. My transfers if we get top 4: Fabian Ruiz, tchouameni, Lovro Majer/zielinski, Hugo Ekitike, Spence, CJ Egan Riley/Hickey, gleison Bremer, Jesus and nkunku.

    This will cost us around 270 million but we haven't bought anyone in January .

    WE ARE NOT WINNING BIG TITLES WITH THESE PLAYERS so outgoings: ben White<<<Bremer, ESR<<<Nkunku (because of the English tax and replacements are way better), Lokonga<<<tchouameni, Pepe<<<Jesus, tavares, Cedric, Rob holding, Pablo Mari, Leno, Xhaka, torreira, AMN, bellerin, Kostas and Nelson that is 270 million


    Come with arguments why I'm wrong.

  4. I wonder why the ref didn’t say nothing to son when he threw an elbow when holding made his 1st tackle on him. That’s when holding threw him off. Son is a flopper

  5. I wonder did you speak to them on the train Charles or just quietly observing, ha ha! I doubt I could engage in conversation mate! Terrible referee, and he's one of the new batch. Not good! Clumsy Holding, Arteta got that wrong indeed, Holding not experienced enough and 10 men, we lost the game, nightmare!! But we can still do it….

  6. Arteta got this totally wrong. He should have gone in looking for a stalemate with the possibilitY of nabbing a goal. Spurs are the counter attack kings of the PL. look at their results against the teams that push forward.

  7. Much better Teams have gone to Tottenham and lose…I was hoping we would win but we have to be realistic based on prior seasons. Keep calm amd support the Arsenal

  8. I got over Arsenal losing the 1999 semifinal with that Giggs goal which set them on the Treble run, I can get over a bad day at the office last night it’s a lovely sunny day life is too short to be upset over football.

  9. Firstly MAN-UP and Grow Up to a lot of. Two experienced , not young players cost us. Cedric positioning was all wrong, Holding wanted to dance with Son throughout the game.

    Do not excuse their awful poor decisions. Dot blame the ref. We were outdone. End of.

  10. The press reporting on this game is so biased it's ridiculous.
    I loved the Arteta press conference response – spot on. The ref & VAR decision this season in particular seem nothing short of corrupt to me. Conte is simply trying to wind Arteta up to get maximum effect from the defeat. OH and is anybody complaining about the celebrations – nope because it's OK for other teams to celebrate but not AFC players. The bias is just ridiculous and everybody in football apart from AFC & it's supporters want Spurs in the champions league rather than Arsenal.

  11. The 2 yellow card was the body play please whatch again on all the angle holding cover the ball son hit his body and penalty wasn't Cedric false son fall before son was near him just watch the replay again on all the angles

  12. Protecting his players and building and us vs the world mentality. What would be really funny is if Burnley beats the Tots and we win at Newcastle… will make their win irrelevant.

  13. Imagine if you lot hadn't scammed your way to a postponement when this was supposed to be played? The result would have been the same but you might not have injuries and suspensions right in the last couple of games of the season. That was such a scumbag, cynical move by Arsenal and that, along with the ridiculous after the match shirtless celebrating and singing with the crowd after wins at Wolves and Villa, is why everybody hates you now-a-days apart from your own fans. Arteta is deeply unlikable and he has turned your players into a bunch of cocky a**holes in his image.

  14. Notice NO celebration except when arsenal win funny that.i know theres no esay games but we beat chelski manure topbum early in season we can win last too gamesm conte telling arteta to stop moaning is as u said the kettle calling the pot black hes been moaning for the past 3 MTHS about fixture change. Also always finds something to moan about hes a nasty bit of work.

  15. You should stop calling yourself a journalist after that penalty analysis, Charles. You're either a bare-faced liar or you're so biased that you can't see the woods for the trees. Cedric was out of position, never looking at the ball, realised too late, panicked and took Son out mid-air and the ref. was looking right at it from a few yards away. Yes, it happens a lot and often gets missed due to how hectic penalty areas are but that doesn't make it soft or not a pen. Credit to the ref for being in the right place at the right time. Holding should have had 4 yellow cards, not 2, and a straight red for the shoulder check into Son's head. One thing I will admit is that Son should have got a red for retaliation at the same time Holding should have been getting his second yellow so it should have been 10 v 10 at that time.

  16. Arsenal never looked the better team imo. They looked sluggish in attack and off the pace in defence from the opening minutes, epitomised by Holding's obvious inability to contain Song. Arteta is equally responsible for that mismatch, he gave Holding a job he wasn't up to. As we've seen at times throughout the season, Arsenal are capable of total capitulation on the back of things going against them. It happened again last night. They've also showed great spirit in some games. Let's hope they can galvanise and produce something closer to their best in the last 2 games

  17. I spent today with a lifelong Spurs’ fan and a brilliant amateur player in his younger days… his words; “I watched the penalty incident four times and I couldn’t see a foul”. Paul Tierney is such a poor ref…

  18. I was about to say, the first 20 mins we were all over them. We were in meltdown on our live stream last night. I couldn't even bring myself to do a video today. But time to ficus in Newcastle

  19. With 10 players on the pitch, I don't think Tottenham would have won that match.. I still believe the referee tilted the result may be not deliberately. Son himself elbowed Holding… Saka was continously fouled by Tottenham players.. Anyway I still believe justice will prevail in the remaining 2 games

  20. Ref was atrocious, gave penalty for Handball – his signal – then for Cedric getting sandwiched between two giants (everyone is a giant compared to Cedric). Son had kicked off against Holding early doors, Ref did sod all.
    The FA have an agenda against Arsenal, happens too often to be accidental.

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