Arsenal's dressing room inquest, press conference review, Wenger return, Lacazette, Xhaka, team news

Arsenal's dressing room inquest, press conference review, Wenger return, Lacazette, Xhaka, team news

I discuss the latest Arsenal news, giving my thoughts on Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal press conference ahead of Saturday’s game against Newcastle. I look at what Arteta had to say about the reaction of his players following the Liverpool defeat and what happened in the changing room afterwards. I also discuss his comments on Arsene Wenger’s possible return, Alexandre Lacazette’s future, Granit Xhaka’s injury and the latest Arsenal team news.

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  1. If xhaka is a leader figure, why is it only when he’s gone that people are speaking up in the dressing room? There are other factors at play (obviously) but just food for thought 🤔

  2. bring in wenger too help arteta give him a £250 million war chest and watch him tear up the premier league with the backing he was never given at the club before i think you would see a whole different animal forget about the haters and the muggy fan’s that don’t understand football is about money wenger is a genius better than any manager in the prem

  3. For all his fault, and he has many, he's still an important member of the squad. Charles I hope Arteta doesn't share this same view, which it's obvious he does. Look, the club needs to move on from this guy. It's not like he's a young player and the possibility exists that he may overcome these faults. He's consistently make stupid mistakes since joining the club. Smh

  4. Hey Charles, what's the latest on our pursuit of a striker? January will be tough for us if we don't get an attacker. Aubameyang will be out for AFCON, Lacazette will probably be sold so as to avoid losing him on a free, same for Eddie, which leaves us with only two striking options: Balogun who btw clearly needs a loan move to a championship club and Martinelli, who hasn't been up to the mark this season.

  5. would love wenger back i was never on the wenger out bandwagon back in the day because i knew wenger wasn't the problem and after he left i had feeling we'd suffer like we are.

  6. Don't u guys learn from the Auba saga? He was phenomenal before he sign his new contract. Now Laca is working hard and showing his importance simply because he needs to work for a better contract. Forget about him. He will free fall after a new contract. Move on and sign Vlahovic AND Haarland.

  7. I totally I agree with bringing Wenger back, as a lifetime Arsenal fan I feel embarrassed of how he was treated. He deserves to be called Mr Arsenal!

  8. Great to see the team taking ownership of the performances, I wonder if the cameras (Amazon documentary) is feeding into the guys feeling like they need to speak up in the dressing room, either way, its good to see, hopefully it can have a positive influence this season!

  9. I see people refering too much to Newcastle lack of wins this season "Newcastle has yet to win a game in the premier league…" hope this does not byte us…

  10. I'm surprised that you don't appreciate that for the player the ideal situation is to allow the contract to expire and then they are not only free to choose the club but they will receive a bonus because they are on a free transfer.

  11. About Wenger, I get that he is still hurt but I am hoping he can heal fast and come back. I see some don't want him on the board which I thought would be a good idea. Maybe instead they must create a role for him that befits his experience and influence. Attend games, have talks with other clubs to help Edu, have conversations with potential targets etc. Almost like an ambassador but i think also involved with the teams a bit behind the scenes as like someone to give advice to Mikel etc.

  12. On the dressing room. I can really see a marked difference in the attitude of the players. They were angry at losing like that and i love that they don't just move passed it without evaluating how to prevent it in future. This is good, i think Mikel deserves credit for removing a core of very toxic influences in the dressing room to give way to a different type of leadership, one where players call each other out to improve not to be vindictive. But then they also support and back each other, great stuff

  13. My problem with Xhaka is the fact that you cannot compare him to the elite players in his position.

    Kante, Yaya Toure & Xavi are all players out of Xhaka's league. A midfielder that constantly loses the ball is not acceptable for The Arsenal.

    We should have higher standards for our midfeild, in my humble opinion.

  14. Imagine the manager of one of the biggest club in the world admitting that NO PLAYER would speak out after defeats.

    It’s really disappointing but if we're honest it’s not surprising either. You have to give it to Arteta. When he came in he said that the place needed a change of culture and we're seeing it.

  15. Arteta keeps saying that he will never reveal what happens in the changing room which makes me wonder if he realises there is an Amazon crew Filming them in there 🤣🤣

  16. Every game is a "big" game for Arsenal this season. I also believe(my fan speculation bit) only NOW is the dressing room acting like it should, in spite all the claims and speculation of who was a good leader in the dressing room.

  17. Having Wenger around will be like having a Dementor around in the Harry Potter films. He will cast a long shadow and indicate a step backward rather than moving forward as a modern club.

  18. Charles hope your son Smith Rowe is benched and PEPE IN 💯.. PEPE NEED TO PLAY ARTETA .. ENGLISH MEDIA DONT TALK ABOUT IT ..ONLY SMITH ROWE TALK💯

  19. Arsene's man-management and inspirational skills, especially psychologically could be of great use to the staff an players alike.

    Lets pioneer a new role in football; GURU WENGER

  20. Self motivation is fantastic. However I do believe our team is miles below Liverpool's largely because Liverpool has a legendary coach.
    And we are stuck with this PR coach.

  21. Arsenal have been on a good run but we are soooooo poor offensively. We rank in the bottom percentile for chances created, goals scored etc. Before Arteta came in Auba was scoring 20 plus a season now he is struggling. Something needs to be done.

  22. Arsenal needs to move forward… Wenger's presence won't help, just look at Ferguson's influence at United. The club needs to recreate itself to be competitive in this era… Wenger's era is the past.

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