Arteta complains a lot, he needs to focus on his team! I Tottenham 3-0 Arsenal I Antonio Conte

Arteta complains a lot, he needs to focus on his team! I Tottenham 3-0 Arsenal I Antonio Conte

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00:10 For sure a good performance from the start and till the end, never easy in the North London Derby, is right to celebrate but we have two games to come

2:40 on red card, Arteta is a really good coach, he just started to do this job, I think he has to be focus more on his team and not to complain about the referee

4:30 I’m always focus on my team, I don’t see what happened with the other team

5:40 When I speak with the way we manage the pressure, the pressure is only in our shoulders, to see my players how manage the pressure tonight I’m happy with them

7:30 Arteta complained about the fixtures and that was after Arsenal had an unbelievable postponement with just one Covid case. Now we’re playing at 12pm on Sunday and they don’t play until Monday. We can’t always complain

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22 Replies to “Arteta complains a lot, he needs to focus on his team! I Tottenham 3-0 Arsenal I Antonio Conte”

  1. Can't do anything about it Antonio. Sore loser managing a group backed by sore cowards called Arsenal fans. Let those losers cry

  2. It's an important result regardless of whether we get top 4 or not , for me and I think for Conte as well , this game wraps up the season , Conte did all he could do with what he had , the players stepped up , from being humiliated by Chelsea losing four times , losing to United and Arsenal , we came a long way , I am happy and proud of the team , top 4 is a formality , Conte will stay regardless , if he wants to stay ,he will be backed and next season we try to challenge more and win as many games as possible , the league is unlikely but we should be able to challenge in cup competitions , beating Man City , Arsenal and stopping Liverpool , that shows we can challenge , sure we lost too many easy games but I don't think that will happen next season , I don't think the referee helped Tottenham , Arsenal fans might think that because it helps them shift the blame but it was a penalty 100% , the red card is undeniable , I don't think we played a great game , but we have a game in two days , very little time to recover we had to win but manage efforts , I wanted to twist the knife and win 5 or 6-0 but Conte showed he is rational and composed , winning 7-0 and smashing them would have cost a great amount of energy , and it's only 3 points and they're still 1 point ahead

  3. Arteta is more worried about looking the part then the PART, man cares more about how he looks on pitch cam while Conte chilling and looking around, meanwhile his team goes belly up like a fish in oil

  4. What a hypocrite he is attempting to belittle Arteta while moaning about everything and everyone and yet Spurs are depending on others to do them a favour

  5. He’s some manager coming from a Middlesbrough I have no idea why United or any other top team in the world don’t go all out for him he’s absolute top draw in my opinion! Congrats to spurs hope they back him in the transfer market as he will take the club far!

  6. Conte is right… Sometimes you have to shut up and learn. You don't learn when you keep complaining and pointing fingers…. On another note Arsenal played Spurs with their B team…..our first team would have gotten a result in this game too many key players missing. Cedric, Holding, El Neny and Nketiah are not first team players.

  7. I can't believe that Nuno was our Manager at the start of the season, if Conte had the Summer with our players and a full season we would be well above arsenal

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