Arteta talks transfers, press conference reaction, Nketiah's future, Mari and team news vs Liverpool

Arteta talks transfers, press conference reaction, Nketiah's future, Mari and team news vs Liverpool

I discuss the latest Arsenal transfer news and reflect on Mikel Arteta’s press conference ahead of the Carabao Cup semi-final against Liverpool. I discuss comments made by Mikel Arteta about Arsenal potentially spending big this month, amid the ongoing transfer links with Dusan Vlahovic. I also discuss Eddie Nketiah, Pablo Mari and the latest Arsnal team news ahead of the Liverpool game.

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42 Replies to “Arteta talks transfers, press conference reaction, Nketiah's future, Mari and team news vs Liverpool”

  1. The only experts on transfers are the club’s employees doing the job-access to data, information on personal life, family, life styles, cost valuation, etc.
    All the rest here are opinions and eye test based on utube videos!

  2. I think Tim Akinola should get a start or at least be on the bench tomorrow, he's strong, athletic, has great stamina and is the tough tackling midfield ball winner who starts counter attacks that Arsenal needs BADLY. I really hope he gets a look for tomorrow.

  3. Why we still if we make champions league, we are 4th now and looking to strengthen, any player we're going to bring in should have the confidence in themselves that with their addition we should be making the champions league. If that's not the case why bother with them, we 4th not 8th, we add them we should get better, not worst!!!

  4. LOL over in the UK you might not know this. There was the head coach of the NY Giants, he made a stupid statement like what Arteta made. Players want to come here, that might of been the Arsenal of the past, today they see a unstable coach that holds grudges. He gets a hair across his ass and you are in the doghouse. Dusan wants to go to a winner, he doesn't give a shit less about Arsenal. Oh BTW the coach, his name is Joe Judge got sacked…..

  5. Here’s a certainty. Arsenal will win the Champions League under Arteta. I don’t want to see any negative comments, just do yourself a favour and visit your favourite bookies and steal their money.

  6. As a fan I don't care about the money. F#@ing Kroenkes been pocketing money from CL for 15 years and allowed this wonderful club to plummet to middle of the table. They MUST invest every window because we are soooooo behind the elite.

  7. Surely if Dusan Vlahovic is supposed to be worth circa £70m and we are thinking of doing this we would we not be going for Erling Haaland who is supposed to have a similar value is summer and is mates with & wants to play with Martin Ødegaard.
    A young player who has done it for one season apposed to a young one that’s done it year after year

  8. Wether it's Vlahovic or Manovic….we need to reinforce… keyword REINFORCE!! we can't be guessing if we need to buy or not and go hand in mouth after players who wish to play somewhere else…. and let's not forget as much as we need new players…. experience is also needed not just growing talents

  9. I'm starting to think Vlahovic has flop written all over him. No doubting the guys talented but if he doesn't want to play for the club then I can't imagine him being the answer to our problems.

    Jonathan David seems like the ideal candidate in my opinion. Athletic and can score a goal or two.

  10. We have made a signing a 16 year old left back
    Just like the good old days waiting on Wenger to sign someone and he was wasting time signing school boys 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  11. I must say Charles. I agree that Vlahovic will be a very difficult transfer to get done now in Jan. But i also feel like this whole thing unfolded perfectly for us to make it happen. We have a good player on loan there who has no wish to come back and they also want to keep him. Dusan wont sign an extentsion, Fiorentina have brought in two strikers in Jan (Ikone from Lille and Piatek on loan from Hertha Berlin). Most of the top clubs already have a striker and those that dont are looking at Erling etc. In my mind if we wait till June we will have difficulty, but if we convince him now i think 60mill or whatever we will pay would be worth it because to get a player with his qualities, at his age would cost that much. Everton would probably want 70mill for DCL. so for me unless the player really wants to go elsewhwere, we would be insane not to pull the trigger.

    Then in June we can carry one with other positions:
    Solid Midfielder (Boubakar Kamara, Zakaria, Guimaraes, Bissouma, Melo?)
    Right back cover (Spence from Mddlsbgh or someone of the same profile)
    Goalie cover (forster)
    Additional winger (Antony from Ajax, Noa Lang,
    LCB cover

    Chambers – CONTRACT UP
    Mari – apparently going to Italy
    AMN – already gone
    Kolasinac – prob going to marseille
    mavrapanos – already gone for small change
    guendouzi – gone already
    Bellerin – if the football angels are kind
    runarsson – WTF!!!

  12. The perspective of ending in top four!!! With the midfield situation and the number of matches that Tottenham has not played. The maths speaks…


  13. Reckon a lot of players will push to leave with no European Football and Arsenal crashing out of FA Cup.. could potentially leave us with a weaker squad than what we had at the start of the season (AMN etc). All depends on incomings 👀

  14. Brain dead arteta and edu getting paid loads of money and doing what, Letting M niles go is crazy. And you are wrong hooking Tavares is ok but you have to back it up clueless management yet again Mikel You letting eddie stay on and rob bolding who should never be here crazy

  15. I'm not biased about vlahovic, with him we're definitely going to land a champions league spot. A huge strong striker, fast, has accuracy and would improve in link up play. Never been hooked on any arsenal deal, but if this deal has a chance why wait???

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