Arteta's new Arsenal contract, press conference reaction, injury latest, Arteta's transfer comments

Arteta's new Arsenal contract, press conference reaction, injury latest, Arteta's transfer comments

I discuss the latest Arsenal news, reporting from Arsenal’s training ground after Mikel Arteta’s press conference. I look at comments made by Mikel Arteta about his new Arsenal contract and give an Arsenal team news update ahead of the game with Leeds on Sunday. I also discuss some comments made by Arteta about the summer transfer window amid speculation linking Gabriel with Juventus.

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  1. I'm happy 😊 😃 😀 😄 😁 🤣 for Mikal Arteta signing a new contract for Arsenal. Good 👍 luck 👍 💪 👌 👏 🙏 🙌 to the Gunners to win 🏆 💪 👍 😀 🙌 👏 on Sunday God willing . Arsenal rocks 🙏 🤲 🕍 🕌 ⛪️ 🪨.

  2. what a massive mistake to give arteta a new contract. it shows you how out of touch the kroenkes are. 1 goal ahead of west ham. 1 goal conceeded less than brighton and palace. its embarrassing these stats deserve a new contract. man u will jump way ahead of us now they have a proper experienced manager. before the seasons over they'll regret it. man u made the same stupid decision with ole. it's all based on being a yes man rather than skill. how do u get outmanaged by Brighton palace and Southampton and than get offered a new contract absolute insanity. be real Charles why would saka and martenelli sign for a manager who's never had a job before. ud rather leave and play for a club that's runs professionally

  3. Ideal scenario for the weekend:
    Spurs getting hammered by Liverpool
    Us hammering Leeds
    => goal difference also in our favor

  4. Had a hunch for a while now, and still do, that he actually signed his contract extension back in february, not long after that visit to Mr. Stan Kroenke, and this is just when they're announcing it, dunno… either way, its good news, Arteta with his knowledge and his passion for Arsenal, is the right man to be in the driving seat… now lets try and get that CL spot over the turds down the road.

  5. love your stuff and the new graphics card! When you are at the training ground could you maybe highlight one or two of those pictures in the hallway, possibly talk about it? You shoot through so quickly I can never see them!

  6. This is terrible news…..the worst thing that could have been announced……..this fraud has an extension we are done for…………let the shit show begin……watch Eddie get a deal laca threat,and else you…🤦🏼‍♂️..what dross is next another Wallyguard like player light weight side and backwards passer…..🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ no no no no….

  7. Bravo Charlie, you dropped that untouchables question and got a clear as he could confirmation we will not sell our best players. Trust the process.

  8. I know a lot of people are happy with Arteta’s contract, me personally I think it’s premature he hasn’t in my opinion Achieved his one & only KPI yet. I don’t understand exactly what the club are rewarding? Being about where we were before he came? I’m not upset or totally against it, it’s just a premature decision to make or release at this time.

  9. Another great video Chris. Thanks for showing us a little bit of behind the scenes. Always interesting to see. I'm excited about what the future holds. A big game this weekend for us.

  10. Thanks Charles for the video, would have been nice to see the pictures more closely. But great insight into the press conferences. Good news and its comford and stability for club. Its well deserved, there are doubts over him still, but hes done enough and kept his promise. Cmon mikel bring in some top signing so we can kick off from here. COYG lets get top 4 and show everyone arsenals back

  11. Always good to have public support from your employer, good for morale all around but the decision is based on business & economics as it should be. It doesn't change very much in football terms, we still need to beat Leeds on Sunday (and I think we will with the same team as you suggested Charles) and finish as high as we can this season. It may change player retention and new buys in the summer, we will see.

  12. Thanks Charles. On Arteta's new contract, I think I don't really have much else to say as I feel you've said the same things I have in mind. For me, simply put, it's a no-brainer, except you have an agenda, whether we finish in the top 4 or not, prrogress has been undeniable. For the team news, I'm happy all those players are back, hopefully we go on to win this weekend and other results work in our favour.

  13. Piers Morgan and Lee Gunner can cry us a river if they like. The Kroenke's are starting to win me over. They have admitted they made mistakes and they are now showing signs of correcting their mistakes. Importantly they have shown that they are after a well thought out long-lasting solution rather than a hasty short term fix. Very big call for them backing Arteta to ship Aubameyang off as a statement of faith in the manager to send a very loud and clear message to the players, current and future. If Arteta gets champions league, the decision to move Auba on will be seen as a genius move. If we continue like this, in three years time this club will be the Man City and Liverpool we all talk about and envy today.

  14. Mikel Arteta at his press conference today announcing his new 3 year deal…

    "The Club Offered Me The Contract On The Day We Lost Three Matches"

    Ffs, just when you thought he couldn't take the clubs standards any lower lol

    How lucky are we to have the Kroenkes in charge?

  15. Glad he's got the contract sorted to end speculation. If he can win his next two games we should be in UCL and that and stability of knowing who the coach will be next season should help with recruitment in the Summer.

  16. People ought to accept what the specialist have decided after consultations. Arteta only need 4 more quality players and he's game. He's a good coach who's improving the team.. A new coach would begin from zero and demand different type of players to fit his system..

  17. I can't understand people's resentment when the news was announced. People need to remember that in March, PSG inquired about him, they are preparing for post Pochetino era, they like young managers, and Arteta has a history with PSG. I'm sure if he signs for the PSG, the same fans will come out a call him a traitor. I'm glad he signed, he will grow with the team, few mistakes along the way but let's look at the longterm. We are not the Spuds, changing managers every summer, let's go for stability folks.

  18. You nearly got run over, Charles! Be careful, we need your insights. Love your videos but, when you go inside to the press conference, could you swing the camera around the pictures a little more gently? Making me seasick 😊

  19. The thing is after watching Pep fail again this, is that he doesn't have the players that will kick on in big games. He wants players who play the way HE wants. The thing is the same with Wenger when he bought players to suit his vision, much like Pep has. They have to be adaptable and understanding of his methods and not rock the boat if they're not playing. They are intelligent. But they're too nice. When they need to get a goal, they play the same way, sometimes it works, but when it matters, it doesn't. I saw plenty of games with Fabregas playing deep, and it not working. There has to be a plan B. Pep doesn't have one. Wenger didn't have one in his later years as opposed to his early years. I hope Arteta doesn't go the same way. Signing players that suit the game, but maybe don't kick up a fuss. Arteta is nice. Pep is nice. To win things you need to be different.

  20. our team are working hardest for our own goodness, for that reason it's so mutch urgently so mutch important so mutch necessary still believe in our progressive process; our coach manager mister Mikel Arteta with Edu are showing the best of us for the goodness of our footballistical institution through actions and attitudes.The new contract for three years at mister Arteta to 2025 for three will be amazing because our coach manager always show good actions good attitudes propositivity courage decission commitment respect propositivity discipline humillity love.For our own goodness we most to support at our team now more than ever specially when suffer defeats and draws because the same become us strongest iam a gooner for life because i have a canyon on my heart i believe in this New age of trophees and titles because that reallity we most living on this days we are the Arsenal, iam waiting the soon recover of many footballers of their injurys because lack's for matches yo return at Uefa Champions League we most to believe unconditionally in that.Charles journalist coworker regreats from you since Bolivia La Paz City good job still working forward

  21. Who cares what the Arsenal social media fake ass fan base says lol. Most of them are a bunch of idiots who do and say stuff just for impressions. They don't care one bit about Arsenal only their follower count.

  22. I don't understand our fans. His new contract shows we are improving. We have done better this season than last. We may even get top 4. That is quicker than expected. Well deserved Mikel

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