"As soon as he gets it…you just know it's a goal!" | Keane on Ronaldo's importance for Man Utd

"As soon as he gets it…you just know it's a goal!" | Keane on Ronaldo's importance for Man Utd

Roy Keane highlighted the importance Cristiano Ronaldo has played in Manchester United’s season after the forward grabbed the equaliser against Chelsea.

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25 Replies to “"As soon as he gets it…you just know it's a goal!" | Keane on Ronaldo's importance for Man Utd”

  1. Glad sky sport have decided to kick some of them out of their studio because they’re liability to sky. Odour want to be a analyst you have to very objective in your analysis

  2. All these envious English pundits and good for nothing so called legends should shot we’re tired of hearing them being unstable and confused. One minute they say man united should’ve signed Ronaldo or he’s old and one minute he’s the best.

  3. Why are they talking about how Ronaldo will fit in next season? 😂 He’ll be out of Manchester the minute the final whistle blows for this season!

  4. The hate towards ronaldo is funny.. even in the comments bunch of kids..
    The reality is this is the worst united side in premier league history.
    If ronaldo was at arsenal he would have 25 goals in league alone.
    Ronaldo is the problem that's true cause he has stood up and violated those players in the dressing room.. them losers.. u get a winner and a loser.. conflict is inevitable

  5. Roy spot on , I was at old Trafford the day Ronaldo made his first appearance, I think it was against Bolton and I sat in the top tears of the north stand , but what I remember most was Roy ‘s performance he seemed to be playing the CDM role operating in front of the back line , he was like a rolls Royce purring, just constantly talking and controlling everything that moved , a magnificent Manchester United player 👍

  6. There's so many things wrong at MU but Ronaldo isn't one of them. He's literally the only positive they have this season. De Gea gets a pass too because he is literally having to deal with no defensive pressure in front of him.

  7. Ronaldo didn't press back in Madrid days because he was the machine to put the ball on the back of the net. Man Utd can press without him but they love walking. I can't imagine how much they run in the trainings.

  8. Don´t know if he watched the game. Ronaldo was running like I never seen him run before. Talk about Rashford instead!! Fastest run was to hug Tuchel

  9. Ten cannot play his style with Maguire, Rashord and Bruno in the team. If you have Ronaldo too, that's relegation material. The first two MUST go. Would be advisable to move Bruno on. Maybe you carry Ronaldo after telling him he's not playing every week.
    ManU really do need 10 new players at a minimum.

  10. Nothing against Ronaldo. So happy to learn that he came back then it dawned on me he would upset the balance by wanting to play every game. Remember the 3 front players Rashford, Martial and Greenwood didnt get to play all games in 2020/21. But there is no hiding the fact that they played badly as a team this year.

  11. Cr7 and de Gea consistent throughout Phil Jones and Matic if not due to their Injuries and age can still play better then the first team that plays regularly lol

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