Beautiful Opera For A Rock & Roll Piano Dude

Beautiful Opera For A Rock & Roll Piano Dude

Music student brings some operatic highlights to the public piano 😎

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Brendan Kavanagh


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  1. OK – I know you said it and pretty much played like you didn't know it but – having watched you since the 70s (or a fairly long time now) – one of the continuous astonishment's has been your ability to step into ANY song that was being played – which belies any possibility of there being a song you don't know.

  2. Спасибо большое! Получили большое удовольствие Вы оба талантливы. Берегите себя. God bless You!!

  3. с пятого элемента бы…..вы бы взяли аудитоию!целиком и полностью,вспомните эту сцену.великооо!

  4. Wonderful performances and very inspiring. Love that you are making music in everyday places. Amazing to me that people don't stop and listen and smell the roses, so to speak. Kind of a life lesson that shows what you can miss if you are not living in the present and rushing by,

  5. I needed this before I laid my head on my pillow for the night. It has been a very sad and hard week for me and this video just showed me the beauty of music and how it can help you get through the day and get to the next Thank you Dr K and your special guest. 🥰

  6. Quality ma man! One of ma best friend's sister Kerry McGrandles! There Dad aka Jonny Grand RIP so instrumental in their life! Kerry is a music teacher in all sorts

  7. You caught two big fish in a day! Very different fish, but still two big fish. And for me this is the best one. I also love the imperfection of this performance, with nobody to turn the pages properly and a phone to assist the excellent singer (or was she checking her mail?). I enjoyed every part of it. Bravo! Bravissimo!

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