Best Friends in the World: Senior Year | Episode 5

Best Friends in the World: Senior Year | Episode 5

EP 5 – Olive suffers an emotional breakdown while the new prefects set out to celebrate and Esther makes a heartbreaking discovery.

An inseparable trio discover that their bond is indeed breakable as they juggle personal/career ambitions, family expectations and matters of the heart in their final year of secondary school. Will their friendship survive their senior year?

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36 Replies to “Best Friends in the World: Senior Year | Episode 5”

  1. Big up olive your are the bext i really like ur part , i salute maria for ur words and esther u did it THANKS ALL cant wait to see next episode

  2. Woww thus episode is everything to me
    It's alright to cry
    Really made me cry along with Olive
    I love music and this is what I love about music. Words of consolation

  3. No one is talking about how Julius makes funny statement with those facial expressions. Esther remains the no nonsense girl. High five Neptune 3 studios

  4. Not just crying heavily this night, its really alright to cry when you just can't keep been strong anymore.

    I'm not a teenager but each I still come to watch each because it has a lot part of me.

    Thank you to the script writer.

    Its really alright to cry.

    Thank you for such a time like this

  5. I so love this program Adam for olive although Adam is falling hand ooh . ….well Esther is my girl Archie's sister better behave .

  6. A lotta lessons in this series, a bunch in this very episode. My favorite: the latter part(it’s alright to cry). Being a strong person is good, but when that circumstance hits you and seem not to have control over it, allow the tears when it wants to flow because it’s okay to cry. The most important thing is that you bounce back stronger and face life the hard way and make things work for your good.

  7. Emotions Emotions Emotions, there's a lot of it when it comes to this's quite hard to be strong when there's so much expectations weighing you down.."advice and no consolation hit me hard" (dropped a tear there). Totally love this episode!!! It's really alright

  8. Thanks you guys for making me feel alive your move is so nice and it’s teaching me a lot
    Olive u some fantastic ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥I love u all ❤️❤️

  9. I wish olive bring down those tears like real tears ,I was crying really ,I hope Angelo has a part in Olive's life this looks like a great starting !!

  10. Wow! I really feel for Olive. Lucky her, she has Esther.
    I wish I could have someone to pour out my heart to and be patted that way. Being strong can be overwhelming 🥺🥺

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