BEST Series to Watch in 2022

BEST Series to Watch in 2022

In today’s lesson, not only will you learn about the best series to watch in 2022, but you’ll also learn 10 advanced vocabulary words!

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31 Replies to “BEST Series to Watch in 2022”

  1. Aww yeah, I wish I had enough spare time to watch all these English TV series in 2022 😄 I've watched "Friends" TV show twice (in my native language and then in English), and now I'm watching "The Big Bang Theory" 😜 I love to watch sitcoms in English, but I spend too many time working and making my own English-speaking content 😄 Anyway, thanks for the amazing vid, Ethan! 🙋‍♂️🙌

  2. Awww yeah. Thank you for your suggestion. I'm finishing watching the series"The good doctor"on Netflix. I like it so much, expecially because it shows some aspect of autism, it's hooking and the cast is amazing. I'm looking forward to watching some of the series you recommended, next

  3. Why women kill (1st season). My sister and I binge-watched it during the lockdown. It's gripping and exhilarating! And Lucy Liu is stunning in that role 🤤

  4. Why women kill (1st season). My sister and I binge-watched it during the lockdown. It's gripping and exhilarating! And Lucy Liu is stunning in that role 🤤

  5. Hello team.
    I liked the new words. Especially GRIPPING. If those series are gripping, so are you, Reallife, that's I don't miss any single lesson!

    Thank you!!

  6. 01:04 – Stranger Things
    01:24 – Gripping: So interesting or exciting that it holds your attention completrly
    01:45 – Killing Eve
    02:27 – Wacky: Something strange in a pleasing and exciting way. Synonym for Crazy.
    02:52 – Rick and Morty
    03:30 – Mind blowing: Extremely surprising, exciting or shocking.
    03:46 – The Crown
    04:09 – Stunning: Extremely beautiful or atractive.
    04:44 – The last Kingdom
    04:57 – Legendary: Related to an old history from ancient times.
    06:05 – House of the dragon.
    06:12 – Fire & Bood By George R. R. Martin
    06:19 – Exhilaratting: Makes you fell very excited and happy.
    06:40 – The lord of the rings.
    06:54 – Atmospheric: Something that creates a special, romantic or misterious felling.

  7. and westworld…..) : so sad that nobody watch this mind blowing, gripping, sometimes wacky, exilarating and whatever serie of science fiction … it is really worth seeing. a must!!

  8. Hello mr Ethan, i am your Uzbek follower😁. so incredible lesson👍👍👏. can you make a video about USA tv channels? it is more interesting theme to me. i donʼt know why but i couldnʼt found the real American channel in YouTube so can you share the link with us if you have?
    your lessons are really super 😄. i have learnt your method and i taught some students with the help of your lessons but i think it was not excellent 🤦‍♂️anyway thank you so much) have a great year✌️

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