Can Arsenal still attract the best players in the world? | The Transfer Show

Can Arsenal still attract the best players in the world? | The Transfer Show

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Mikel Arteta says the world’s best players still want to sign for Arsenal, regardless of whether they are in Europe.

Arsenal, who have not qualified for the Champions League since 2016, are yet to sign anyone this month, but are interested in a deal to bring Fiorentina striker Dusan Vlahovic to the Premier League.

As part of ‘The Transfer Show’ Kaveh Solhekol and Dharmesh Sheth discussed whether Arsenal still can attract the top stars in Europe and provided updates on other potential ingoings and outgoings at the Emirates.

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30 Replies to “Can Arsenal still attract the best players in the world? | The Transfer Show”

  1. Arse-nal 😂😂🤡🤡
    High on copium if you think Vlahovic wants to join Arse-nal. Not sure how come you refuse to listen. His agent has turned down Arse-nals approach towards him, and yet you chase him.
    Vlahovic is the cool guy, and Arse-nal is the needy girlfriend who has decided that 'no' doesnt exist. Crawl back to your hole, your time has been and you wont get back.

  2. Darmesh, I don't really see his point, I think Manchester United already proved in their seasons before that playing in the Premier League is much more attractive to players than Champions League, in particular since the Premier League has also become the best league in Europe in rankings. Don't you agree that the argument of needing "Champions League" football has become moot ?

  3. Arsenal could buy any player in the world. Its a matter of the player and agent if they want to play for the Gunners. U have Pepe, Aubameyang and Ozil for example. Transfer's fee and salary among the highest in the world and still could sustain them if they wanted too. I do believe Stan Kroenke could buy Neymar, Mbappe and Messi at the same time if he wanted too. Walmart money wont go dry and that is the fact.

  4. Of course Arsenal can attract the best players. However, I see it from the point of view that players who are not up for a challenge will just take the easy route and head for the big boys.

    Joining a team like Arsenal , there is no hiding place like if you joined a team like Chelsea, Man City or Liverpool. New arrivals can sit on the crest of a wave and even be sub standard. Jack Grealish joining Man City…was that a good move for him??….my opinion is a firm "NO" ….a great payday of course but is he actually advancing as a player. Romelu Lukaku you could argue the same. They have joined winning teams which is their perogative.

    Will Newcastle attract big players ??? They may well because they have untold riches and can pay players silly money BUT if that is the singular motivation then Newcastle for all their financial clout will not advance very far and their
    "project" is bigger than Arsenal's.

    If players don't want to join Arsenal purely for their lack of Champions League status then they do not trust in their own ability to not only get Arsenal back into Europe but to be part of the history of the club.

    Of course there is another argument among many that money in football has created a real divide….but personally I would rather achieve greatness than have it thrust upon me !!!!! My opinion is my own.

  5. Why obsess over big names.
    LFC under Klopp signed Wijnaldum, Robertson, etc from relegated clubs. And improved them.
    Go for the right players, rather than the big name players.
    Arsenal have done well with Ramsdale. Overpaid for him, but got a good buy. Focus on that strategy.

  6. I think we could get BOTH Vlahovic and Tielemans this window – they both seem willing to join, Fiorentina are willing to sell, Arsenal have the money for both, there's no reason we can't. If we sign them both, we WILL get UCL football in order to improve the rest of the squad.

  7. I’m an Arsenal fan. Let’s be clear, they can attract high calibre players but they can’t bring the best in the world. Absolutely no chance they could sign the likes of Haaland or Mbappe. World class players want to compete for league titles and play champions league football. Arsenal are heading in the right direction though for the first time in many years

  8. The only clubs any player would sign for in England based on the status of the club and likelihood of silverware are City, Chelsea, Liverpool, in that order. I'm a Spurs fan but that's just facts. Anybody joining any player that could have gone to one of those but instead chooses any other English club is going for money, location, etc. but NOT prestige.

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