Can Satanists & Major Religions See Eye to Eye? | Middle Ground

Can Satanists & Major Religions See Eye to Eye? | Middle Ground

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This season of Middle Ground was filmed prior to the Los Angeles safer-at-home order. We followed safety precautions as recommended by the CDC at that time. It was our last in-person shoot – we look forward to the day we can film in person again, and for now we are excited for all the creative ways we can make content from home!

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27 Replies to “Can Satanists & Major Religions See Eye to Eye? | Middle Ground”

  1. Lois: Full of energy
    Shawn: Tries his best to understand other perspectives
    Mustache guy: Every “Middle Ground” video has that one interrupter, and this guy is that one person
    The other three: Just trying to do their own things, nice with the others and each other

  2. I align with the satanists’ beliefs much more than the mainstream beliefs, but the satanists definitely came off worse in this debate

  3. This was a very frustrating episode to watch with the Satanists continuously interrupting. Like, we get it. You don't believe in the norm and you feel you are unique.

    Let people speak

  4. As a non-religious MAYBE a satanist.. I loved this so much because I was born a hindu raised a hindu… I had trauma with all this religion thing.. I like the suffering 😂✋🏻I am loving Richard and Jason✋🏻😶

  5. Shawn has got to be my favorite person there. He is so respectful and kind. You can tell that he really believes in his faith and his inspiring, but you can also tell he isn't judgemental of any person who doesn't follow Christianity.

  6. No disrespect, but I did not like the Muslim here. I doubt he has proper knowledge of Islam. I mean if he denies that Satan is evil, then that clearly demonstrates he lacks a very basic and rudimentary understanding of the faith.

  7. I’m not satanist or anything but I definitely agree with a lot of the things that they said, and I really like Lois’s energy and how they expressed themselves, and I like how the guy with the mustache thinks but I just don’t like that he didn’t let the others talk a lot and he didn’t always listen to the others but they all seem like cool and nice people

  8. One of the satanist know more about the bible than them, As long as noone's shoving religion on other people's throat, Everyone can respect.

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