Charminar Web Series || Episode – 2 || Shrihan || Kalpana || KP || Dolly || Shiva || Infinitum Media

Charminar Web Series || Episode – 2 || Shrihan || Kalpana || KP || Dolly || Shiva || Infinitum Media

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3 people. 3 different stories. Let’s see where the roads lead to.

“Charminar” is a Telugu Web Series featuring Shrihan, Kalpana Reddy, JDV Prasad, KP Kalidindi, Shiva Prasad, Dolly Gayathri as leads.

Cast: Shrihan, Kalpana Reddy, KP Kalidindi, Shiva Prasad, Dolly Gayathri, Neeraj Kumar, Dhanalakshmi, Mahindra Ganachary.

Written by CH Kiran Kumar

Story, Screenplay & Direction: Kumba Shivakumar

Co-Director: CH Kiran Kumar

DOP: Charles Raj

Music: Poonik
Composition & Programming: Poonik
Percussions: Shanker singh
Music coordinator: Kumar
Lyrics: Indhu
Mix: NK studios

Editing: Kumba Shivakumar, Kumba Santhosh Kumar

Title Animation & Poster Designer: Hemanth Korimi

Sound Engineer: T. Prashanth

Finance Manager: Chandu JC

Assistant Director: Sudhakar

Assistant DOP: Dev

Line Producer: Sheriff

Executive Producer: Girish Reddy

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30 Replies to “Charminar Web Series || Episode – 2 || Shrihan || Kalpana || KP || Dolly || Shiva || Infinitum Media”

  1. శ్రీహన్ నువ్వు మంచి మనిషివి నీకు మంచి జరగాలి నీ లైఫ్ మొత్తం మంచిగా ఉండాలి

  2. Hi srihan.. fan from karnataka.💓..ur doing excellent acting srihan.. and we are waiting to see u with siri… please do one more and more webseries or cover song with siri..waiting to see u both again after bigbosss … and please be sharing a pic with siri.. don't think about negativity bro . We know that ur a best understanding person in her with her always.and support .love u more from me ❣💗.. in karnataka.. (i think that u will see and read this comment ). 🥰If u have read plz do one replay to ur fan😜….. we really miss srihan and siri pairr plzzzzzzzz come backk

  3. చాలా అంటే చాలా ల్యాగ్ ఉంది బ్రదర్ కాస్త తాగించండి బ్రదర్

  4. Shrihan Anna 🔥 waiting to see you as HERO 🌟💫💥you have all those required Acting skills anna ❤️whenever we see we only get HERO feel 😍want to see you in more projects anna..this 5 to 10 mins of your screen space is not giving good satisfaction..want to see u in more & more BLOCKBUSTERS..dont compromise in anyways try hard anna..u can do it 🔥

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