CHEAP vs EXPENSIVE World Cup ball – what should you buy?

CHEAP vs EXPENSIVE World Cup ball – what should you buy?

Cheap vs Expensive adidas Al Rihla World Cup football comparison – in today’s Tech Talk and Cheap vs Expensive video, JayMike takes a closer look at 3 different price points in the adidas Al Rihla World Cup football range, looking at the €150 Pro, which is the official match ball for the 2022 Qatar World Cup – but JayMike also takes a look at the €60 Competition match and training World Cup ball, but also the €35 League, which is more of a training ball offering the same visual as the official matchball, the Al Rihla Pro. But which ball is better value for money – and is the OMB Pro version worth it? Watch to see JayMike’s verdict and judge for yourself!


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30 Replies to “CHEAP vs EXPENSIVE World Cup ball – what should you buy?”

  1. This ball in the pro version is better than the Pl strike ball it feels amazing striking it and it curves like crazy which makes it so much fun in the air goal keepers hate this ball 😂

  2. Can you make a video how to become dembele. And can you put drills that er making you faster and flexible and a better dribbler. Please like so he can do it

  3. Would you recommend vapor 14, gt2, or speed flow for box to box. I just don’t want blisters or to get injured, and mostly comfort.

  4. I bought the league ball ! I’m not going to lie it’s actually helped with my accuracy and shot. But I did have to use more power than I’d use for my other ones despite that I’d still get it again but maybe the comp ball this time as I’d use the pro one for a special occasion (never) .😂

  5. I just bought an Al rihla and I deflated to bring it on a plane now when I blew it back up it has wrinkles/ creases how do I get rid of them?

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