CITIZEN QUEEN – Lazy Professor reacts to "Evolution of Girl Bands"

CITIZEN QUEEN – Lazy Professor reacts to "Evolution of Girl Bands"

How amazing were they? Especially the low notes?

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Citizen Queen

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9 Replies to “CITIZEN QUEEN – Lazy Professor reacts to "Evolution of Girl Bands"”

  1. Love these Queens!! Next, Please react to their cover of “Never Enough”. It is gorgeous!!! I get chills everytime I listen to it.

    So happy that your are going to be able to see Pentatonix Live. You are going to have such a great time!!! I saw them this summer and uploaded a video on my channel of them singing “Shallow”. Feel free to watch it if you like, and HAPPY (early) BIRTHDAY!! 😊

  2. Scott from PTX and Ben Braham (the guy who arranges PTX songs), created the group. During their world tour, in certain cities in the US, Citizen Queen opened for PTX. They happened to open for PTX when I saw them back in May and they are SO awesome! I'm So happy for you that you are going to see PTX in concert!!! You are going to be blown away!!! AND happy early birthday!!! Don't worry about going alone…I did back in May (it was an early birthday present to myself) and I had an amazing time. And you can take video. I've taken so many videos (and everyone else in the stadium) from their concert last year and this year and they actually tell people to take their cell phones out in 1 part to use their lights (instead of taking out lighters like we did way back in the day, lol).

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