Complete Piano Theory Course: Chords, Intervals, Scales & More!

Complete Piano Theory Course: Chords, Intervals, Scales & More!

Piano theory is super important! In this lesson I will teach you all about piano theory! It is important to learn about piano theory because it will help you to learn quicker from my other piano lessons! The first thing to learn is before getting deeper is piano theory, and music theory!

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0:00 Introduction
2:50 (Lesson 1) (Piano Introduction)
8:50 (Lesson 2) (White Notes)
15:20 (Lesson 3) (Black Notes)
24:52 (Lesson 4) (4 more note names)
30:27 (Lesson 5) (Half Tones)
32:46 (Lesson 6) (Whole Tones)
36:08 (Lesson 7) (Key Signatures)
40:00 (Lesson 8) (C Major Scale)
43:47 (Lesson 9) (F Major Scale)
45:49 (Lesson 10) (G Major Scale)
48:17 (Lesson 11) (Minor Scale)
50:05 (Lesson 12) (Major to Minor Scales)
53:30 (Lesson 13) (Intervals)
59:07 (Lesson 14) (Octaves)
1:06:15 (Lesson 15) (Circle of 5ths)
1:09:25 (Lesson 16) (Key Signatures with the Circle of 5ths)
1:12:50 (Lesson 17) (Amount of flats and sharps)
1:21:00 (Lesson 18) (Circle of 5ths to find Major Chords)
1:26:23 (Lesson 19) (Circle of 5ths for matching major and minor scales)
1:29:13 (Lesson 20) (Chords)
1:33:24 (Lesson 21) (Chords Pt. 2)
1:39:26 (Lesson 22) (Chords Pt. 3)
1:42:55 (Lesson 23) (Chord Progressions)
1:46:36 (Lesson 24) (Major 7 Chords)
1:49:26 (Lesson 25) (Minor 7 Chords)
1:52:02 (Lesson 26) (5 Chords)
1:56:30 (Lesson 27) (7 Chords)
1:58:12 (Lesson 28) (Augmented Chords)
2:00:31 (Lesson 29) (Diminished Chords)
2:02:56 (Lesson 30) (Sus2 Chords)
2:06:26 (Lesson 31) (Sus4 Chords)
2:09:59 (Lesson 32) (Hello by Adele)
2:14:47 (Lesson 33) (Inversions)
2:18:24 (Lesson 34) (First Inversions)
2:25:07 (Lesson 35) (Second Inversions)
2:29:10 (Lesson 36) (Third Inversions)
2:30:45 (Lesson 37) (Inversion in Hello by Adele)
2:35:28 (Lesson 38) (Learning songs with chords and inversions)
2:41:39 (Lesson 39) (Chord Exceptions)
2:45:21 (Lesson 40) (Right hand chord patterns)
2:49:36 (Lesson 41) (Left hand chord patterns)

This is a free piano course youtube! If you want to learn how to play piano course for beginners this is the best free piano course for beginners! All you have to do is allow this course to take your piano course beginner level to a higher level of piano music theory for beginners!

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48 Replies to “Complete Piano Theory Course: Chords, Intervals, Scales & More!”

  1. Having most my taught, trained, lecture and written and created online courses I would agree with all the positive comments. Since I turned 70, four months have pretty viewed and effectively as I did for a living 'audited' most online courses on the web and learnt a lot from you, esepcially in answering questions that most tutors on here, when what they think is obvious you make clear eg that you can play another C along as it down of the triad it is normally shown as. But I hope you don't mind me making an observation which fro me has been the most important apsect what fingers to use, Yes tutors talk about 5-4-3-2-1 LH and -2-3-4-5 RH but when demonstrating as you do with your graphic keyboard displays often we can only see the tips of your fingers and when we can, the speed you need to go at, with the white of the keys and whiteness of fingers it si very hard to see which fingers you are using. I expect will be stupid to many but I don't under why tutors such as do not wear, say grey colour gloves on put pieces of different tape on the your fingers especially bwhen teaching chords.

  2. Please make a video for how to read complicated sheet music and try to implicate the sheet music in your teachings instead of showing people what music theory is without showing sheet music! Everybody who made a music theory video in less than 30 minutes should be kicked off the website. Everybody who made a music theory video in less than 1 hour should be kicked off the website. Everybody who made a music theory video intro in less than 2 hours, 51 minutes, and 35 seconds should be kicked off the website! lol you're my fav.

  3. I’m working on triad chords in keys . For example for c major scale I get the major minor minor major major minor diminished chord pattern . For other keys it gets more complicated with black keys involved . Do I have to memorize all the chords in all scales on the keyboard?

  4. Yes I am confused and quote an earlier comment by:
    John Hernandez who 8 months ago commented – I have a question about the circle of 5ths. Why can C to D be a solid note and be spread in 5 notes(Not half notes) but when you get to B to F# you have to include sharps/flats and count 7 half notes? Also you said you can figure out the circle of fifths throughout the 88 keys if you count 5ths, but taught that from B to F# you have to count 7 half steps.
    I am also confused about this distinction between 5 and 7 and obviously need to go back to an earlier lesson.

  5. I'm a beginner and only into the fourth lesson and I have to stop and comment on how PHENOMENAL I think this course is! Also, I rarely see such a high percentage of likes per views for a video. Thank you for taking the time to explain in such a clear, concise, and well paced manner that also keeps the lessons fun and interesting. Well done!! … Oh Yeah! and you published it for free!! BIG THANK YOU!!

  6. This is an amazing opportunity to learn and you Sr. have a very easy way to explain. Thank you so much for the effort and time put into this wonderful video. 🙏🏾😊

  7. My sincere appreciation goes to the personalities behind this great assistance, I wish to commend them for this act of kindness.

  8. You are explaining everything more than perfect. I understood this topic in an incredibly short amount of time. You created something awesome! Thank you

  9. HI I'm Eva From I have loved how simplified the course has been. My playing has improved since you have explained concepts well. Thanks

  10. This man saved my thousands of bucks, which I was gonna spent on piano class.

    Though I didn't see the W W H W W W H pattern, please help me with that.

    Thanks, Love from India ❤️

  11. After MONTHS of starting and stopping this video I have finally made it to the end! I am so proud of myself and so grateful to have found you. Thanks so much!

  12. I am on lesson 4!, Really happy with the progression, Hopefully by the end, I will complete the whole course and have advance my skills! 🙂

  13. Coming up and the second anniversary of the great sweet-and-sour sniffle anniversary covid-19 what have you done with these two years? Thumbs up if you learned an instrument. Make a comment telling what you learned

  14. First and foremost Thank you for making this video. It’s freaking Awesome, the details & your way of interpreting breakdown on the lessons Literally made me understand or more than my piano teacher ever did. I quit Piano after grade 3 exam more than a Decade ago. But this made me wanna get back on it Thank you once again Bless ya 🙌🏻

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