Cough Medicine Is Latest Hard-to-Find Item in Stores

Cough Medicine Is Latest Hard-to-Find Item in Stores

As COVID-19 cases surge across America, over-the-counter cold and sore throat medicines are getting harder to find. Fox News’s Dana Perino says she experienced the shortage first-hand over the holidays when she started feeling ill. She said all she could find was a throat spray for children. CVS said in a statement, “We’re currently seeing increased demand for cold and cough products. We’re working with our suppliers to ensure continued access to these items.” Walgreens echoed the sentiment.

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  1. For the Flu, I use Oregano tea, which is oregano wrapped in a coffee filter, in hot water. If you catch the symptoms early, you can drink it moderately. But if you were suffering hard, you must continually drink multiple cup servings daily, for five days to a week. Note that its flavor is bitter and that it will cause flem to reduce and evacuate and will stop the soared throat, but it will not reduce respiratory symptom.

  2. With the highest inflation in over 40 years, Joe just telling us to deal with empty shelves is easy for him to say as he doesn't have to deal with it. I have never in all my years seen empty shelves like this ever. Can we start blaming Joe now?

  3. Raw honey For cough is very effective , just have a teaspoon straight 3-4 to as many times as you want per day , don’t dilute it , it works by coating the throat and it’s a natural antiseptic

  4. I drink honey tumeric tea daily to help with my fibromyalgia, with a spoonful or so of good quality honey. When I get sick with a cough and sore throat I add lemon juice. It soothes my throat and chest. This doesn't help my husband though, as he is allergic to honey, so I think I'll go scrounge around the DG for a bottle for him.

  5. Ginger, boiling water a pinch of salt, lemon and or orange, ginger and honey.

    Take hot baths and cover yourself up and try to sweat out what you can while you sleep and no need for over the counter medicine.

  6. Also someone tell these hippies in the comment section that lemon water and honey do not provide the same type of decongestant that over the counter drugs do

  7. Not the local health food store. They're fully stocked on oregeno oil, colloidal silver and a plethora of other beneficial herbs. Otherwise like many ppl have stated lemon, ginger and raw honey tea 🌿 😀

  8. I noticed this when I went to my local supermarket to buy Nyquil" due to a bad cold I got while at work. The over the counter drugs were nearly cleaned out but luckily I snagged me the last bottle and after four days of medication and rest. I'm better and ready to get back to work.

  9. Going to the store is so depressing these days. Nothing on the shelves. People covering their face with masks. No social interaction. High prices and a fear of getting sick.

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