Danish Lesson 4 – Society

Danish Lesson 4 – Society

Danish Pronunciation Website (with recordings!):

*Advisory: I am not Danish. I always do my best to pronounce words correctly, but I do not always pronounce the words as a native speaker would.*

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  1. Hej Marty, jeg er fransk og jeg lærer dansk fordi jeg vil flytte til Danmark. Jeg elsker dine videoer. Du er en fremragende lærer. Please keep on doing videos, din hjælp er meget værdifuld for os. 😀

  2. Mange tak, Marty, for yet Another, fabulously helpful, and informative, Video! Og, for mig, det er rigtigt: jeg ER bange for edderkopper…SA ,,edderkopperfobik"!! Btw…Marty, i can't help but notise how So MANY of the Danish commenters remark on just how "native speaker-like" your command of dansksproget (…INCLUDING your pronunciation) truly IS!! <3

  3. You know what the really cool thing is?  Even before you started explaining and translating The Queen's speech, I understood almost every word of it!  🙂

  4. @dEndiProductions 
    'Jeg elsker disse lektioner' would be the correct way

    'Disse' is 'these' in English . 'Lektionerne' means 'the lectures'.
    You are looking for just 'lectures', which is 'lektioner'. 

    'Denne' is way of referring to something specifically. So like, 'Denne bil' – 'THIS car (here)'

  5. Its because "job" is the english word, so it has an english pronounciation. The danish wor is "arbejde" and is pronaunced "aahbaydeh". Hope it helped 🙂

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