did you just say classical music isn't fun?! (playlist)

did you just say classical music isn't fun?! (playlist)

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00:00 at the moulin rouge by henri evenepoel, 1887
02:00 field marshal radetzky and his staff at the battle of novara on march 23, 1849 by albrecht adam, 1855
04:58 the epsom derby by théodore géricault, 1821
07:02 drawing by luigi morgani with a scene from the opera carmen, 1900
09:05 la danse des sabres by paul joanovitch, 19th century
11:36 the rite of spring by ignac ujvary, 19th century
16:03 litography by von johann n. vernay, 19th century
19:18 der schöne an der soirée by eduardo léon garrido, b. 1949
21:58 roman gladiators with wooden swords by giovanni francesco romanelli, 1635-39
22:12 jesters playing cochonnet by eduardo zamacois y zabala, 1868
24:58 the drunken couple by jan steen, 1655-1665
28:46 little polka dancer by anton ebert, 1879
31:51 jesters of empress anna ioanovna by v. jacobi, 1872-2
33:43 whistlejacket by george stubbs, c. 1762
36:50 rayons de soleill by louis janmot, 1854
39:05 beethoven with the manuscript for missa solemnis by joseph karl stieler, 1820
44:43 at the theatre by jean-louis forain, 1882
48:02 the viennese waltz by vladimir pervuninsky, 20th century

thumbnail ─ le désespéré by gustave courbet, 1843

timestamps ─ in the comments section, i decided to put them there since, for some reason, there is less possibility that the video will be blocked, let’s see if it works

copyright ─ all rights to the original owners of the paintings and music used and mentioned here

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Classical Music

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