Digital Art for Beginners (2020 Edition)

Digital Art for Beginners (2020 Edition)


How do you get started in digital art? Should you get a drawing tablet, maybe and iPad maybe Surface Pro. And what software do artists use. Is it free? Is it expensive? Those are some of the questions we’re going to be tackling in this video.






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  1. I am an artist and I personally love drawing on actual paper or on canvas. Although, I've always wanted to try digital art, so this is a great video for me. I'm finding this very helpful and I can't wait to learn new techniques and create new exciting pieces. Thank you! ❤️

  2. I know the video was posted a long time ago but I loved your video, I thought everything was amazing.

    My biggest reason for wanting to do digital art is to gradually get a little closer to realism because of a person, it's a very complicated story but let's say that person is long gone and no matter how much time passes we never really ''conforms'', and what I want is to capture all that light and happiness that that person means to me .
    I believe that this way I can also find my peace

  3. GET A SCREEN PROTECTOR. Even if you're just getting a screenless graphic tablet. Digital vs Traditional feel vastly different from each other, one has low friction and the other has a lot. You're likely to do a lot to lower the lifespan of your tablet early on as you get used to the differences between both. If you want your first tablet to last you as long as possible, it's often cheaper (when it's even possible) to buy a new tablet than it is to buy a replacement screen. A lot of my early lineart issues wound up being because I pressed a lot harder than I needed to.

  4. If anyone wants to do digital art with a chromebook, I got an XP pen (non screen) drawing tablet completely compatible for about £60. This was a year or two ago but I assume it is still similar

  5. i just drew Garou cuz i was bored and it ended pretty good for someone who hasn't drawn in like 3 years, and now im really interested in digital art 😛

  6. My reason – I want to be able to do all those pretty character and world studies I see all over the internet for my characters. Would be the coolest thing ever to see the worlds I've thought about since I was 13 on printed on glossy paper, tangible and shareable. (Plus I just want to be able to go up to ppl and say look what I did! and watch them marvel at it. I like it when my art make people happy.) Plus, fanart.

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