Doja Cat & French Montana "Dating" | Young Thug Gives Nicki Minaj Her Flowers & Social Media Agrees!

Doja Cat & French Montana "Dating" | Young Thug Gives Nicki Minaj Her Flowers & Social Media Agrees!

Doja Cat and French Montana are once again sparking dating rumors after a new video of Doja Cat and French in the Bahamas surfaces online. Young Thug Gives Nicki Minaj Her Flowers and places her in his top 5 female artists of all time, and social media agrees. ✨Tags | #dojacat #nickiminaj #clevvernews

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Doja Cat

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19 Replies to “Doja Cat & French Montana "Dating" | Young Thug Gives Nicki Minaj Her Flowers & Social Media Agrees!”

  1. 💖Hi Babes, our Bible Verse today comes out of Ephesians 6:14, & it says "stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place."
    💌To me, this verse means that truth "binds together", & without unifying truth, we move through life as disjointed, disconnected pieces.
    💌Take time today to be truthful, not only with yourself but with those around you.
    💌It may be hard at first, but as you go on, living in YOUR truth, your disjointed pieces become whole, and your one step closer to reaching your destiny.
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  2. I think they just friends for now if she grow to like him than that fine anyway this gp better wake up in glad cause nicki is the ultimate female rapper and top 5 rappers over all nobody done wat nicki did for hip hop she carried it for 11 years because it not her fault labels didn’t wanna sign many female acts also she still holds many records

  3. I don't think there was ever a lack of love for Nicki..

    I think that the reason you don't hear of her being someone's top 5 "rapper" ,because she was such a MAJOR pop culture icon, that she probably is not in the " fore- front " of most ppls minds " as a rapper. Most people whobInknow personally would not have her in their top 5 as a rapper, but she's #2 behind Beyoncé in EVERYONE'S TOP 5 POP ARTISTS.


    ( And me saying that she's not thought of as the top 5 rapper is not saying she ain't great . It's saying that " if we bust out in a buttressed Nicki shower karaoke session, it's probably gonna be one of those bubble-gum boys. And you're right, Who else is out? She's at the pointb,point, Missy was, when wasn't shit out but trash, and she was the last REAL female talent that we had, until WHO came? 🤣🤣🤣

    Remember, it was Nicki.. Because when Remy went in the joint, all we had was Missy, and Trina .

  4. They'd make actually make a perfect "looking" couple, because they look the same. Not white, and not some weird colorist, trying to erase his mother's phenotype.

  5. I don’t know what everybody is talking about Nikki always gets her flowers but you want her to get flowers even when she’s not doing anything that doesn’t make sense…

  6. I detect a lie. Nobody right now is on Niki. But she copt lil Kim's whole style . For the record, Niki cannot lyrically fuq wit Kim. I know this truth because I am from that era. I cannot call Niki authentic. She took all of lil Kim's pointers and claimed it as her own as if we were not here to see why Kim has high fashion friendships.

  7. Why wouldn't Young Thug give Nicki her flowers? Anyway, that vacation in the Bahamas was also a working vacation because Doja had a performance too. She's known French for awhile now and they have a single out (and not her best either). What happened to Y2K? lol

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