Doja Cat Slammed for R&B Award Win, Idris Elba’s Reported New Bond Role May Not Be What You Expect

Doja Cat Slammed for R&B Award Win, Idris Elba’s Reported New Bond Role May Not Be What You Expect

Sometimes it’s hard work keeping up with social media and the latest in celebrity trending news, so we’ve got a little help from Essence magazine’s Director of Social Media Charisma DeBerry… This is “The Social Feed with Essence”!

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Doja Cat

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42 Replies to “Doja Cat Slammed for R&B Award Win, Idris Elba’s Reported New Bond Role May Not Be What You Expect”

  1. Lonnie is wrong about her Grammy info. Doja submitted herself to and was nominated in the pop and rap categories only. Jazmine was nominated in the R&B categories. (Though I assume there’s a good chance Doja would have gotten at least one R&B nod had she submitted “You Right”, but she didn’t do so due to The Weeknd protesting). As far as the AMA’s, it’s a silly fan voted award show that no one in the industry actually cares about. While unlike the Grammys, the awards group decides who gets placed in whatever categories. And they probably shouldn’t have put Doja in R&B as Planet Her is more of a Pop and rap album first and foremost.

  2. 5:09 Wait so you're telling me we could have Superman Henry Cavill as Bond and Idris Elba as a Bond Villain?? Be still my beating heart!! 💘💋😍 That's too much British eye candy for one screen!! sugar rush intensifies

  3. We all love doja but she’s not RnB she’s more pop/rap just like drake like they were saying. That’s weird they grouped her in with them but this just makes me think of how Tyler won best rap album and his album doesn’t even fit that category. He said it just felt like he was being called the N word and that’s what I think happened here w her being nominated for the RnB/soul category. Just because she’s black they just associated her with that

  4. I think people were more upset and confused as to why Doja wasn't in the pop or rap categories. Doja don't make no r&b music. And to be put against some of the girls who sing down….it just doesn't make any sense. These award shows never seem to get it right. Doja is SO talented and deserves her accolades, but the category is not correct on that one.

  5. Do not like this segment of the show…it's kinda tacky and pretense.

    I like real because the colleagues touch on real conversations not about so and so artist got nominated under the wrong category… Like WHO cares about these dumb celebrities problem… The Real is better than tacky shows like tmz, the Wendy William show etc.

  6. I guess allot of y'all don't know what the genre of r&b is, doja cat is pop /rap , jasmine Sullivan is r&b , Ari Lennox, it is a specific sound, understand why people are mad for y'all people that don't understand what different genres are!!!!

  7. And I agree doja is pop if we loose the catagory of what we consider R&B and soul it will be gone for good besides what passion or SOUL!! Do you here in these songs today anyways it ditzy pop today grown folks music is gone she's pop

  8. Doja Cat is R&B, pop and a hip hop artist. Much like Lauryn Hill. R&B is a broad genre and Doja Cat does a bunch of different genres. She deserved the win. It’s the AMAs not the Soul Train Awards ppl. AMAs are for the bigger artists. Also Jasmine Sullivan is always nominated at the Grammys she just never wins. Hoping she gets at least one this year but the nominees are all deserving in the category tbh.

  9. I’m tired of people saying what people don’t deserve. Doja is very talented, and has had huge success, her music is played on pop, RnB and hip-hop radio. She’s diverse in her style and music. Let her be great!

  10. I love Tami. She said Doja is not R n B. Thank you because she is just another example of white girls trying to be black! You are not! Stop it! Don't try and take over R N B. Jazmine deserves all the honors.

  11. Doja sings! And she sings very well! She can reach really high note + rap. A lot of her songs are mostly singing compared to rapping! She even did an ad with Pepsi and she is not rapping. I feel like she fit into the r&b category

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