DON’T buy a new PC for Windows 11! – How to install

DON’T buy a new PC for Windows 11! – How to install

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Windows 11 has generated a lot of buzz, but not all of it has been positive. Many people think they’ll be left behind, but is that really true?

Windows 11:

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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
0:44 The official way
1:37 The dreaded TPM
2:36 You already have one, probably
3:09 What are TPMs even used for?
3:46 But what about Secure Boot?
4:29 Turning Secure Boot on
5:10 Converting from Legacy to UEFI
6:07 But uh… Why?
7:03 Getting Insider with old hardware
8:01 Building an ISO with UUPDump
9:02 Tell Windows 11 you don’t need security
9:42 If Microsoft breaks things later… (appriaserres.dll)
10:23 If Microsoft breaks even more things… (install.esd)
10:55 Why these workarounds work
11:46 The rest of the install process
12:07 Windows 11 Home requires a MS account, but…
13:12 What ARE Windows 11’s system requirements then???
14:36 It’s about validation and vendor support
16:10 Conclusion

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32 Replies to “DON’T buy a new PC for Windows 11! – How to install”

  1. PSA: UUPDump have been seeing an increase in traffic since Windows 11's launch, and this video will probably make that much worse. Please be patient if we "hug of death" the site. -AY

  2. The last thing I want to do is go back to the middle 90's and start hacking windows again. Meanwhile, Google says they are not accepting any Email logins that do not support OAUTH 2.0 so that means Windows 7 users are being leaned on, to upgrade.. Its all a money scam if you ask me. If Microsoft wants to increase security and basically give us a new THEME like Win11, they can just push out the file to all users. Why make us buy this Office 365 or a newer "version" of outlook or upgrade the OS? MONEY!!!! They got a fishing hook in your mouth. Lastly I went to microsoft's website to download the compatibility checker, and you must have Windows 10 to run it! So I can't even check it. But I think I am compatible. My hardware is newer than my OS, which is win7. And if you think I am dumb for running Win7, nothing is any less sterile than LINUX. I do have a 2nd boot to linux.

  3. I already installed WINDOWS 11 on my CORE i3 7th Gen Laptop and its working really fine. I have to tweak the resources first in order for me to install since CORE i3 is not supported.

  4. It's late (03:20)
    I'm pissed (Moonshine)
    I've been doing this shit since 1980
    I have no idea WTF this is about
    Frick Microsoft (account hacked by Russia)
    Come to Papa, my little Linux baby!

  5. If you had any ethics, you would advise against using windows 11. No one should have to ask microshaft to use their bought and paid for system, which is what this is leading to.

  6. Microsoft: You need to do this crazy thing and that onerous thing for decent security on our super-duper system.
    Users: What a pain in the ass! Why not install that other OS that starts with an L which doesn't give me these BS requirements and is far more secure than this steaming pile of bloatware?

    Seriously this video is the best advertisement for Linux that I have ever seen.

  7. Watching this Video, it appears far easier to Build a Hankentosh, than it is to try to make the God Damn Effin TMP Bullshit function.

  8. I am more worried about how this TPM Shit will F*** Up my Computer, Hard Drives, and Data. Does this POS interfere with Hardware Upgrades, and Reinstallation of the OS?

  9. new laptop comes with win 11 i never wanted annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd half a day uninstalling junk apps……………. -_- WHY do they do this? People who want junk apps buy crap hardware too like Apple which was made for facebook….

  10. Right away you are full of crap saying you do not need a proper computer spec to install the newest version of most any operating system, especially when security and being updated is the point of Windows 11. I cannot begin to understand how stupid the public has become, no offense. The whole point to Windows 11 is to be more secure than the previous version. That includes TPM 2.0 and Secure boot enabled in BIOS.
    This gets old with cheapskate and stubborn consumers. Do you realize the highest form of identity theft, victims of hacking and cybercrime come from people who have outdated hardware and do not have upgraded BIOS and an operating system? There is no debate on this. If you are going to upgrade to Windows 11 and you cannot get this, then stay with Windows 10 until it is no longer supported. Just realize you will be more vulnerable and at risk than you will ever see or realize. Your choice.

  11. DO NOT INSTALL WINDOWS 11, ITS TRASH AND IT WILL FUCK UP YOUR STUFF, wait at least a year or something to install it dude, if you do it right now and you are a hardcore gamer…you will have a real hard time playing while maintaining good performance (fps)

  12. +++++++++++++++++++++++Great video.However, windows11 still sucks at the moment.I have Windows 11 Pro for Workstations Over time, he started reporting bugs by throwing him out and he stayed on the blue screen.It was automatically repaired in half an hour and after a while the same.So I removed it and currently reloaded windows 10.On the other gamer computer which cost me a few thousand dollars, I can't even load it because it says that the computer is too weak Hahahahahaha.
    I use Windows to play some games but I will slowly switch to Linux or some other OS.Microsoft makes fools out of users and makes fun of them just for their own money.They had previously guaranteed that Windows10 would be the last but now they are forcing dirt from windows with bugs and i haven't found any useful stuff at all which is not on windows 10.
    New on Windows11 is just marketing lipstick and some additional useless things that are not needed at all.In short, plain shit full of bugs and errors that will probably be slowly corrected but that users will throw away powerful computers and buy new ordinary trash to load on them Windows11 is absolutely at odds with hahahahahaha.
    Apparently Microsoft is all on marijuana, cocaine in short on hard drugs.Something like this can only occur to a drug addict and a fool hehehe.

  13. Windows11 is total bullshit.I have Windows 11 Pro for Workstations and problems with all the programs that ran on Windows 10.Microsoft is one big piece of shit with Windows 11 he screwed up the whole situation.They robbed users just for their own damn pig earning.I'd rather switch to Linux or some other program.Let them fuck with this shit.I have no intention of fucking around for a few hours fixing things to make them work.Windows7 worked as it should with each new one and microsoft did just a lot of shit.He claimed that Windows 10 will be the last windows, but now he has deceived users who should even buy new computers if they want to install Windows 11.So let’s throw away computers for a few thousand dollars which are top notch and buy cheaper trash just to be able to download Windows 11 ???????

    Hahahahahaha these stinking bastards are ordinary to kill dirt.

    I don't see anything particularly useful on Win11, so I threw it down.

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