Epic Piano Battle Brings Crowd To A Standstill

Epic Piano Battle Brings Crowd To A Standstill

Epic Duelling Boogie Woogie Piano battle between Dr K and Terry Miles brings the crowds to a standstill at a busy London station.

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Brendan Kavanagh

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38 Replies to “Epic Piano Battle Brings Crowd To A Standstill”

  1. 4;49 that man's legs have gone with the flow absolutely brilliant. The sound of music to heal the soul. Both men made a lot of people happy that day and hopefully people happy on social media for next 200 years. 😁😁😁

  2. Awesome the one I really liked was the American Girl she thought she was trying to teach this guy at least that's the way it's written to read to me again awesome

  3. To the Asian lady filming on her phone.. at the start I was upset you filmed at first crooked.. I was absolutely infuriated you then switched to vertical after .. but then you put your phone away and just enjoyed the rest.. all is forgiven.

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