#EPL35 – Arsenal 2-1 Leeds United with Kaya Kaynak

#EPL35 – Arsenal 2-1 Leeds United with Kaya Kaynak

I’m joined by Kaya Kaynak, Arsenal Reporter at Football.London to look back on our crucial win over Leeds United. #WeMove

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15 Replies to “#EPL35 – Arsenal 2-1 Leeds United with Kaya Kaynak”

  1. So rival fans says we in top 4 because other teams bottling it, so isn't it an admission by themselves that they are all bottlers?

  2. Good analysis. You guys go regularly to stadium to watch match which is impressive and also do podcasts; how come are you not aware of Red card rules – whether its one match ban or three. Dangerous tackle is 3 !

  3. The worst thing is that we'll have to pay 25+ million for an Eddie Nketiah 2nd striker replacement. He will go to a mid table side for free (10th to 15th is 4 points apart) get a 10+ goal season as a starter (probably bang in 1 or 2 against us) and be worth 40+ million at the end of next season.

    No one is to blame, it's actually Arsenal and Eddie's bad luck that he came through when Aubameyang and Lacazette were here. We can only hope Folarin Balogun won't follow in the exact same path, but I don't see how to avoid that. Because we will need Folarin Balogun to be better than the likes of Gabriel Jesus and Tammy Abraham in the next two seasons. Can academy strikers ever break through in a "big" club or are they destined to go elsewhere to blossum.

    I hope that Arsenal renews Eddie Nketiah with the kind of wages that we would pay for 40m striker (that mid table clubs might not want to pay), get just 1 striker next year, and sell Eddie for 40m at the end of next year. This also paths a way for Folarin Balogun to come in. Some will consider that a Top 6 mentality.

  4. On Eddie, on the fence honestly. I think we are seeing now what he can do with a fully functional team that can supply chances. Not sure he’s ever truly had that b4.

  5. Nketiah needs to he careful where he goes to be honest, I doubt he will ever play with a better team who supply him with chances. In another team, he could go 5 games without a goal then end up on the bench and struggling to play again. Nketiah could be an Abraham type, we just don’t know.

  6. Was I correct in thinking Elneny played the single pivot/Thomas Partey role with Xhaka back as a more advanced left #8? I also thought Tomiyasu playing left back added a LOT to the left-sided attack, with him combining quite well with Martinelli and Xhaka, taking the pressure off the right side of our attack. Would this also signal a new RB recruitment this summer and the four full backs next year (Tierney, Tavares, Tomiyasu and new bloke/Cedric) might be more interchangeable and fluid?
    I do think the Leeds goal was on Tomiyasu as he got drawn centrally and abandoned the far post.

    For next season, I actually want Arsenal to keep Xhaka and Elneny, with the only major recruitment being at striker and left #8. The key thing would be to ensure there's cover at every position on case of injuries and match fatigue/rotation. If Nketiah can be convinced to stay, maybe the recruitment upfront would be for one striker and one wide player. Then a left #8 and another fullback.
    Full squad: Ramsdale, Turner, Okonkwo (GK) – White, Gabriel, Trusty, Saliba, Holding (CB) – Tierney, Tomiyasu, Tavares, new guy (FB) – Xhaka, Partey, Elneny, Odegaard, Sambi Lokonga, new guy (Midfield) – Saka, ESR, Martinelli, new guy (Wide attackers) – Nketiah, new guy, Balogun (strikers).

    Departures Leno, Cedric, Lacazette, Pepe.
    Arrivals: Jesus, Abraham, Aouar, Hickey, Turner, Trusty.

    Three keepers and 22 outfield players.

  7. I understand the frustration at the Ayling challenge, and essentially agree with both of you. Though, I do think this is the precise reason VAR is in place, and that actually it should be taken as a positive that at least the decision was overturned. But totally agree that it was a cynical challenge that deserves, at the very least, discourse. Anyway, brill content as always, FK.

  8. Eddie’s performances in the last few games has been threw best Eddie we have seen and a good stand, but is it world class?
    I believe he is still a back up sub, sure if he can achieve a higher standard when he is on the pitch then he can earn a first team pick, certainly not minutes by contract.

  9. Eddie has been given unfair criticism by our fans. He has shown he is a goalscorer for our youth teams, top scorer in the history of England U21.

    He guarantees goals & will add further qualities as he gets older. What was Harry Kane doing at 22? Eddie has all the qualities to be a top striker, a shame most fans don't see it.

    He played in our dysfunctional teams in the past so he couldn't show all his qualities which is normal. He will be an excellent striker for any team given a run of games.

  10. What was Kane, Aubameyang, Lewandowski, Lautaro, etc doing at 22? Strikers generally don’t come into their own until mid 20s. Eddie has shown that given the right conditions, he will do what he’s done at every level I.e score goals. We just need more understanding and patience for a 22 y o striker.

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