Euphoria 2×02 Promo "This Season On" Trailer (HD) HBO Zendaya series

Euphoria 2×02 Promo "This Season On" Trailer (HD) HBO Zendaya series

Euphoria 2×02 “This Season On” Season 2 Episode 2 Promo – Check out the promo for Euphoria Season 2 Episode 2 airing next week on HBO. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on Youtube for more Euphoria season 2 promos in HD!

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Euphoria 2×02 Promo/Preview “This Season On”
Euphoria Season 2 Episode 2 Promo
Euphoria 2×02 Promo “This Season On” (HD)

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» Starring: Zendaya

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49 Replies to “Euphoria 2×02 Promo "This Season On" Trailer (HD) HBO Zendaya series”

  1. Idc what people say . I have seen many tv shows and netflix shows . But euphoria is the best for me . Acting , music , cinematography and everything on point

  2. watching cassie trying to mirror maddy for nate’a affection is gonna annoy tf outta me – i hope maddy finds out & rocks her shit & leaks the find of jules & his dad

  3. This season will be sooooo interesting to say the least. I think we’re about to see Rue hit rock bottom and she’s gonna have to face wth the consequences of being an addict, it kinda looks like her mom kicks her out of the house and she will finally understand that she needs to deal with this addiction. If she doesn’t, she’s gonna push everyone who loves her away (if she hasn’t already) and she’ll die. It also looks like Cassie is going through many different emotions of f***ing Nate (sidenote: took the writers long enough but f*ck Nate and thank God we got that beating he deserves) and hiding it from Maddy (which in the trailer looks like it’s Cassie who’s being thrown into the hand dryer in the bathroom by Maddy) and the possible trauma of aborting her pregnancy. I’m so happy that we’re going to get more action of Lexi and Fez & Ashtray.

  4. I havent even watched the first episode, and I stopped the video after seeing Nate. What could've possibly happened to him in one episode???

  5. Really wish fez would’ve fought him head up. I HATE when people do what he did. I wanted to enjoy that scene so much but I couldn’t because I was mad lol. Not at the fact that it happened to Nate but because of how he did it. Now Nate gonna do something crazy asf😭 And I can’t even be mad about it. Really wanted fez to beat him up head on, would’ve been so much more satisfying

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