Evanescence – Good Enough

Evanescence – Good Enough

Music video by Evanescence performing Good Enough. (c) 2006 Wind-up Records, LLC

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  1. I’ve always felt like I wasn’t good enough growing up, I’ve had shitty relationships and friendships, I’ve been abused mentally, verbally, physically and possibly sexually, when I met the man I can’t get out of my head in 2018-2019 I felt like part of me belonged to him, he keeps a part of my soul in his heart. The other day after 5-6 months of not speaking…he told me he wants to marry me and that soon he will propose to me for real. I’ve never felt so understood in my life.

  2. Sometimes..when I listen to this music from 9-12 years ago. I feel like music this will never be this good again. I'm not only talking about Amy Lee, but Linkin Park, Deftones, Three Days Grace, etc.

  3. me and a friend did homemade witchcraft to this girls picture we burned it and buried it in the dirt i wish i would kept the picture because the girl was naked and she was smoking hot :P…… i just didnt want my friend to think i was a pervert if i had kept it because he got the picture for me as a gift

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