43 Replies to “Evanescence – What You Want”

  1. It's 2021 I still love this song ur amazing singer and sings from the heart and u don't let them bitchs get u down we love ya girl keep up ur great work 💖

  2. I love life on the cool girl of fostering heroic fine shine to me Amy Lee most brilliant gorgeous Girl in the whole entire world, Amy Lee cute girl out of Little Rock Arkansas Vino Bar and Pub you are the most beautiful, I live happily swept heavenly away by you my girl-hero I Love you her's truly Amy Lee I love love you, you rule you Rock my work essence blessed heavenly divine my exact kind of girl, Amy Lee Rebel fashion stylish best girl a smooth operator and best at Evanescence Live Concerts you Rule. Breaking fine gentle each rule ultimate with your fine shine heavenly hot fashion music shows, I love you, best heavenly treasure-familliar most great author of Love Exists from your awesome great album-Recover Amy Lee 2019, you rule girl you are-angelic coolest a most Supreme see through bathe basking in music beauty best Amy Lee song works, best Rock n Roll Girl of Liberty and bitter truth brilliance girl you look exactly treasure just exactly like me your Beautiful Your My Savior Amy Lee the most beautiful Rebel cute funny beautiful Amy Lee my Savior of Fallen 2003 missed best performer and missed exact like me Girl in the work of Paradise Amy Lee sublime beautiful your music, I Love You. Of the greatest familiar life show, your cool of the familiar gorgeousness of inspire and beautiful show you form one of each of all of my mastered at my Vanilla Sky Victory 1 studio singles, Call Me When Your Sober, Treasure Keen Insight: Vanilla Sky Mobile Peace Song by me from your Hot Fashion statements and comfort warm Amy Lee the righteous best most fine to me music, by me Melbourne Gibbs Wallace and my Band Evanescence 2021 December 13th release on Penny Royal Vision Record Company, I love you-you moved sublime me always your the very best you rule breaking the rules a smooth rule I'd fostering rock n Roll bravery ruler I'd Evanescence front girl's fine music works. Amy Lee my life role model nice kind my kind sweet awesome prophet Girl you Brave Girl Amy Lee.

  3. i been sick from my heart and now im getting raccon eyes like amy in this video if i die i shall fight for you to enter heaven with me amy like the movie van helsing

  4. Love her voice best way relax is good music, takes all stress away an clears your head.I love music in general there's a song for every mood one of the best parts of life.

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