Filmymoji || Middle Class Madhu || Summer Cutting || MCM

Filmymoji || Middle Class Madhu || Summer Cutting || MCM

Filmymoji || Middle Class Madhu || Summer Cutting || MCM

Filmymoji releases a summer special video based on the current trending events in the society. Mekujuttu Mahesh decides to call upon his friends, Middle class Madhu, Balli and Budatha for having a haircut. Mahesh decides to go crazy with his hairstyle and gives all the instructions to the barber but with Madhu’s intervention he had to tone it down. Except Madhu every Naatu Guntala Gang member decides to have the haircut to get a group discount. As soon as they go back to their houses, with Madhu’s plan they jump into a well for a quick bath. Budatha lies to Madhu about his swimming skills and puts his life in danger. Watch the full episode to find out how Budatha gets saved by Madhu and how Mahesh vents out his anger on the electricity board about the frequent Power cuts their colony is facing.

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FilmyMoji :-

Written & Directed BY (Naveen Varma Siruvuri) :-
(Varun Venum):-
(Ratan Batra) :-

Middle Class Madhu (Saikiran Andaluri) :-

Macchaleni Mahesh (Naveen Varma Siruvuri) :-

Mother (Swathi Kotu Chirra) :-

Producer (Karthick Chirra) :-

Titles Music By (Naveen K Lakshman) :-

Edit And Sound Design (Susmitha Chari) :-
(Sai Surya) :-

Associate Editor (Aishwarya Kethineedi) :-

VFX (Nagendra Kolli) :-


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#Filmymoji #Middle #Class #Madhu #Summer #Cutting #MCM

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