Find Out Why The World May Never Learn The Truth About The Flight Of China Eastern Airlines #5735

Find Out Why The World May Never Learn The Truth About The Flight Of China Eastern Airlines #5735

Although It has only been two months since the investigation began, there are real concerns that we may never really know the exact circumstances surrounding China Eastern Airlines Flight #5735

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28 Replies to “Find Out Why The World May Never Learn The Truth About The Flight Of China Eastern Airlines #5735”

  1. Chances of a catastrophic failure causing this crash are probably less that 1%. You would have to have a runaway trim to nose down the aircraft in that manner, or similar event to cause the elevator to nose down. However. if it was a mechanical failure that caused the nose to take the big dive, if the elevator continued to be stuck in the hard over scenario, the plane would have continued PAST vertical and ended up on it back as in trying to perform an outside loop. No, once the aircraft was pointed nose down, it was only briefly recovered before continuing down as if one pilot was trying to fight off the other. I think it is highly probably this was a pilot induced crash, similar to the Egypt crash in the Atlantic Ocean many years ago.

  2. We have a right be told the truth, for the peace of mind of all future passengers who ever have to travel on a 737-800!! We need to know that this WASN'T a catastrophic mechanical failure, politics doesn't even enter the equation?

  3. Just simply not fair to those people who have died in the crash not to know the truth no matter what kind politic is involved. China get used to lie and hide facts.

  4. No answer, is an answer. If anything regarding the plane or potential defects in the plane, China would be quick to publish to avoid and similar occurrences and alert Boeing et al.

  5. Beside the conclusion, China has a hard time admitting failure in general. If one of their pilots made a suicide dive it would be to much "shame and blame" for them admitting it. The individual is a integrated part of the collective so a individual failure would mean "the system" was failing. Mind set and culture is a huge issue! This would be to hard to digest for the authority's.

  6. We'll know enough if neither the FAA nor China issue an AD for that aircraft type. They may not be able to comment but an AD issued in the US is public information. If there is no AD it was a human problem, either accidental or deliberate. If accidental the FAA will still issue recommendations to the airlines to avoid that mistake. If that doesn't happen then the answer is clear.

  7. I'm doing better now I see there's a Maximus video to listen to. Just a nice bit of laid back analysis without all the histrionics! Thanks again.

  8. Everything is a shot in the dark at this point. A suicidal pilot could be one but there have been cases of airliners nose-diving into the ground thanks to natural upsets (turbulence, weather), failed systems, and pilots failing at their job. That temporary level off and climb out of dive at 20k feet a minute probably pulled 5 or 6 gs damaging the plane.

  9. Even extreme catastrophic mechanical failure did occur, the more than experienced co-pilot can fly better than this and have time to call out.

  10. I expect your summary is correct.
    Because any news release would reveal to the Locals who fly in China their system has many issues. Any news release is not in that nations National interest to have it being released.

    Sadly, we are in the era when the Dragon flexes its muscles and the world has now to sit up and shut up

  11. It certainly appears to me that a pilot initiated incident is a very real possibility. The CCP would be loathe to release details of such an incident, and of course, political expediency would be a barrier to Western sources releasing details.

  12. Uncontrolled pitch events are the cause of 2 deadly max crashes, and even the 777x had one, so certainly not uncommon among boing planes

  13. Authorities will never ever let something so bad get out, that a copilot got away with murder-suicide. You will know if they ramp up psychological screening and / or change policies on demotions / failed checkrides.

  14. I can only think of one circumstance that would cause China to bury the report. If there was a catastrophic failure they would point to Boeing, IMO, only Pilot Incompetence or Pilot sabotage would cause them to clam up. I think they would go public even if it was a Terrorist Attack. Their Silence probably tells us all we need to know, but will it ever be official?

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