Find the difference|Japanese Pictures Puzzle No442

Find the difference|Japanese Pictures Puzzle No442

【Please enjoy using pause and fast forward as you like】

Spot the difference picture game.
Can you find them all?

In 90 seconds time, you have to find all 3 differences between two pictures.

We are going to update from simple to difficult questions, so please try the best questions for Brain teaser.

Please enjoy it with your family.

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Tell me in the comments below how many you were able to get.

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GAME1 0:18
GAME1 Answer 1:54
GAME2 2:11
GAME2 Answer 3:48
GAME3 4:04
GAME3 Answer 5:41
GAME4 5:57
GAME4 Answer 7:34

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  1. Two easy……..but let's not get discouraged………..after all I'm a pro ! Note: I now give lessons (Three year course) $2,000 first year, $1,500 second year and $1,000 third year, plus an additional $ 500 for an official "Find 3 differences" certificate or $750 for a diploma. Classes start at the end of last year !

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