Find The GOLDEN EGG Win a $500 Pokemon Pack!

Find The GOLDEN EGG Win a $500 Pokemon Pack!

In this Pokemon cards opening I opened golden egg pokemon cards mystery boxes. If I pull the golden egg I win a base set pokemon cards booster pack.
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23 Replies to “Find The GOLDEN EGG Win a $500 Pokemon Pack!”

  1. U know, u took a hit…but I think its amazing the fact that u got wat, 16 different sets? I dont think u doubled up once or was it once? Either way a fun video…awesome bro keep it up

  2. These mystery packs are rough at times today was pretty bad as well. Seems like the fall out packs they throw in there are the evolutions packs. Thanks for the videos daily man.

  3. Hey Rev, I was curious if you’re a fan of shiny Magikarp? I know Shiny Gyarados is your fav but I’m curious about the ‘karp

  4. I think if your lucky you will get good stuff but when it was 95 dollars and have a chance to get a 500 dollar cards so probely its not a big chance to get a graded charizard or a vintiged pack

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