Find the Markers (Roblox)

Find the Markers (Roblox)

Find the Markers (Roblox)




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38 Replies to “Find the Markers (Roblox)”

  1. Catso. Please read this comment. I can help you get some of the other markers. I’ve actually found every marker in the game.

    My account name is MLGPROKID2109

    There are exceptions with some of the markers, most of the code ones I struggle with, supernova, alternative, and some of the others but I’ll still help you get a majority

  2. Catzo Found:
    Bee Marker: 0:41
    Purple Marker: 1:04
    Snowman Marker: 1:15
    Hanging Marker: 1:38
    Snow Marker: 2:13
    Marker For The Black Baseplate 2:20
    Obby Marker: 3:35
    Explode Marker 3:53
    Carpet Marker: 4:08
    Fire Marker: 4:42
    Phoenix Marker: 4:57
    Capless Marker's Cap: 5:56
    Zombie Marker: 5:45
    Industrial Marker: 6:03
    Lava Jump Marker: 6:15
    Box Marker: 7:15
    Permanent Marker: 7:27
    Time Marker: 7:27
    Golden Marker: 8:24
    Smoke Marker: 8:40
    Lavender Marker: 8:58
    Missing Texture Marker: 9:39
    Triple Marker: 10:42
    Vermillion Marker: 11:19
    Salmon Marker: 11:35
    Sand Marker: 11:59
    Cyan Marker: 12:24
    Temple Marker: 12:36
    Cactus Marker: 12:49
    Tan Marker 12:54
    Ball Marker: 13:27
    Goodbye 13:30

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